Fat Quarter Friday!!!!

Losing the fat quarter

Hey Ladies!! Dang it’s cold this week!
A good week to be sitting around quilting isn’t it 🙂

I don’t know about you but I move a lot slower in the cold. 😆
This is not such a bad thing though.  I know in, say, step aerobics we’re supposed to be up and going, kick boxing, pick up the pace, but every type of exercise has it’s place for the slow and careful exercise.  Particularly when toning muscles using weight lifting.  OK I can see every brain just shut down.  Come on!  This works for actual weights, cans of soup, or even body weight!  Body weight is how it’s used in most exercise programs. Think about leg lifts it’s not how many you can do in a minute or even sit-ups, if you are doing a ton it will start to burn but try doing a few slowly, burns faster and more doesn’t it.
I try to remind my self of this occasionally, I’ll remind myself to go slowly and keep my muscles tight… in yoga they call it keeping your muscles active.
By the way, I tried a yoga class this week… holy cow… fell over more than once and felt like I was killing myself about 5 minutes in.  I wasn’t even coordinated enough to feel like I’d done very much exercise, and that has nothing to do with the fact that I quit after about 10 minutes.  Oh well, I’ll run today I can at least do that, mostly 🙂  So any way, thoughts for today and our cold weather…
slow repetitions
To help in doing your slow repetitions get yourself a catch phrase, such as I’m building my body for life or this weight is going away, that you can say during half a repetition.  So you say this weight is going away as your leg goes up and hold then this weight is going away as it comes down.  And remember the idea is slowly.  None of this shortening the phrase stuff, like changing it to “the weight’s gone, the weight’s gone, weight’s gone, gone, gone….”etc. You know better than that.  Your mother taught you better, shame on you for thinking it. 🙂
So anyway,  even though we’re moving slower let’s not let the cold get the better of us!

Good luck and keep moving!
Hey anybody losing weight yet we’re 2 weeks in, what say ye?

Hey I just wanted to add… that anyone who wants to participate in  our forum chat to join us!   We all want to know how your doing 🙂  And it’s so helpful to have that support!