Fat Quarter Friday!!

Thoughts for the week …

Keep Going!!

You know the little engine that could was a pretty smart little guy.

Here’s my reasoning…
(At least, it’s what I keep telling myself while running circles around the block)

1. If you will keep going during the exercise when you think you can’t and you keep going till you can’t go another step or push another weight you will burn more and become stronger (this is the goal right 🙂 ) .

2. Keep going everyday!  It’s a whole heck of a lot easier to exercise when you did the same thing yesterday and the day before.  Rest is essential it is the time where your muscles rebuild themselves, just don’t wait to long… it makes starting again that much harder.

There is no falling off the wagon!

Now that I’ve told you why we keep going I’m not going to let you use that as an excuse.  It’s important to remember that even if you do something unproductive to the weight loss process there is no falling off the wagon… your horses are probably getting restless though waiting to get going again 🙂  Taking a break for a while won’t kill you.  You’ll probably still wake up the next morning and be better off for the exercise you’ve done.  But good enough or even really close is not our goal, so, back to thought number 1 and just keep going!  You’ve been doing great and the sooner you keep it going the easier it will continue to be!

Have a great week and keep moving!!