Fabric Favorites at Missouri Star

In case you hadn’t notice already, I’m just going to tell you…the quilt shop has SO MUCH FABRIC. It’s like a glorious, little (understatement of the century) fabric bomb went off in there. Fabric is coming out of our ears! I went around the shop and took just a few photos of some of our favorites:

Do you like gnomes? I love gnomes, and this “Gnome Living” fabric is just too adorable.

gnome living


And I’m sure you’ve heard what the fox is saying, so naturally, it makes sense that he has a fabric line called “Forest Playground“:

forest playground


Secret information: I can actually play the guitar…this is called “Jazz Between Friends“. I love how bright it is!

jazz between friends


Then we love us some good, soft tones from this “Lost and Found” line.

lost and found


Wallflowers of the world unite! There’s a fabric for you:




Stay tuned for more! Stay warm, friends.