Can you beat the tutorial? Dresden Flowers Edition

So we’re going to play a game this week called “Can you beat the tutorial?”  I think you’ll love it!

The way it works is I’ll sneak a picture of the new project Mom or Natalie are working on, I’ll share it here, and you have a few weeks to see if can put it together before we share the video tutorial on it.  Then share your photos on our facebook page (or submit them here and I’ll upload them to an album)

So here’s the project, can you beat the tutorial?

We needed a dresden ruler that would work with layer cakes, so we made a big version of the dresden template (if you have the original, it will work fine, just use a long ruler to extend the angles out for the 10″ squares, but this was hard for some people so we made one that was built for the big squares).  Have fun! 🙂