Bus Trip 2011

I can NOT hide my excitement over our first ever Bus Trip!  Our amazing Carolyn headed the whole thing.  She talked other shops into joining and put together a fabulous route!  We are beyond (scared) thrilled and are ready for the craziness that is, 8 buses of 45-50 quilters over two days!!  LOL!  Can you even imagine!?

So, to get ready for all this fun we decided we needed a little something for the outside of the building.  I know you have all followed along as I’ve led you through most of our progress.  We haven’t gotten as much done outside as I would like to, but we are working on it.

A little background:  Our building is OLD.  It used to be an Antique shop and before that is was originally a car dealership.  It had more beautiful brick buildings beside it that have burned and been torn down.  So our building is all alone (kinda ugly, in the sense that it is long-rectangular with a flat roof and ugly.)  LOL

Isn’t it cool? I love how it looked in it’s prime!!

Anyway, it still charms me. 🙂  But obviously we have some work to do.  So this past weekend, we put up a giant-very awesome-I couldn’t be happier- MISSOURI STAR sign!  We painted it in our signature BRIGHT colors, so there will be no missing our store! Hahaha!

Wow! Isn’t that great!?

Come see it in person if you are close.  (do you think it’s too much?)   Haha!

Well, I am ready for anything this weekend  ( i hope).  We have kits cut and lots of new things since Market.  Can’t wait to show them all off!

Have a great weekend.  I’ll have lots to share, on Monday!