Hey Ladies the pics I linked at the end are actually posted in the Forum now…

Go take a look 🙂

This is what I’m working on bloomit’s Bloom by thimble blossoms 🙂

I’m pretty excited!  This is what it looks like so far…My bloom uncut I’m going to have it finished and in the shop to be quilted this weekend! Hurray! I’m using Soiree by Lila Tueller , Loft 1800 and Full Moon Forest in green(sold in the shop). I know the pics are horrible it’s done with my phone I’m still waiting to get my camera back from the repair shop 🙁  But all those little charm pack blocks laid out on the side there are going to be the cute little polka dots.  flower appliqueHere’s a closer shot of the big flower and the colors I’m thinking of using for the little flowers to be appliqued around it 🙂  So cute!
OK I know it’s rough right now but I’ll have the girls take a picture while I’m in the shop so don’t diss it too much yet.
I’m finding I love the applique stuff! The quilt’s not ready obviously but I just love the colors and I thought I’d show you were I was!

I’m working up a couple other things, I’m gonna run by the girls and you when they’re ready 🙂 We all love a little feed back!

See more pics in the forum!

Wish me luck!!!