The 10-10-10-10-10 Contest! 31 Chances to Win!

It  sure doesn’t take a Ph.D to realize that fall is here.   Simply stick your head out the window to see the leaves changing color and smell the clean, crisp scent of autumn.  This is the reason that the 10th month of the year (October) is my favorite; and because the 10th month of the year is so incredibly awesome, we’ve decided to have a big old contest, and we’re calling it the
10-10-10-10-10 Contest.  “That’s a lot of 10s – what’s up with that?!”, you ask.  Good question! Let me explain!

We are giving away:

10 Jelly Rolls! (Forever Spring by Nancy Halvorsen – Benartex)
10 Layer Cakes! (Lost & Found by Jen Allyson of My Mind’s Eye – Riley Blake)
10 Charm Packs! (choice of Little Apples by Aneela Hoey or Cape Ann by Oliver + S, both by Moda Fabrics)
10 Thousand Quilter’s Cash Points (worth $100 at our shop) as a Grand Prize!
All in the 10th month of the year!

To enter is simple.  All you have to is click here and complete three
simple tasks:

  1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel.  This connects you to the best free quilting tutorials on the web the moment they are released!
  2. “Like” our Facebook page “Quilting Deals” (click the “like” button).  This informs you of great new deals and promotions from the Missouri Star Quilting Company.
  3. Sign up for our Newsletter – Keeps you up to date on new fabric lines, news from our shop, and more fun contests and giveaways like this one!

In order to enter you must complete ALL THREE of the tasks mentioned above.  If you have already done any of these in the past, you don’t need to do it again.  Simply subscribe to the ones you are not yet a part of and you are automatically entered to win.

The contest runs until Sunday October 16th at midnight.  Winners will be announced on Facebook on
the Tuesday the 18th.

Good luck and, as always, happy quilting!

  • Stitchywoman

    I signed up for YouTube, already get your newsletter, and like you on facebook.  How will I know that I am registered?

  • Dee

    Thank you for the chance to win something free in this bad economy.

  • Citygirlretired

    I was feeling that way about Facebook too, but finally caved when my kids talked me into it… I did not leave  much personal information – scares me a bit.  BUT, having done so did help someone find me to give me very urgent information regarding a former employer. Not meaning to try changin gyour minds – just wanted to say it’s not necessarily all bad.  This is an amazing site with wonderful people – and the tutorials are always so helpful.

  • Peryl61

    I look at the tutorials everyday to see how I can use my stash. I love Jenny’s ideas. Wish I could drive over and see you in person.  Meryl

  • Mortonkarena

    I’m glad you have had only positive experiences with Facebook. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, from personal experience. I have been a customer of MSQ for years, subscribe to Quilting Quickly I and II, enjoy the free tutorials on YouTube, and receive their newsletters and Daily Deals. I guess you could also consider me a die-hard fan. I think MSQ has been wonderful, and when I’ve called, they have been very helpful. I wasn’t being critical. I just thought it would be nice if everyone was eligible.

  • Teddie

    Can someone answer a question about half square triangles for a pretty new quilter?
    I say Jenny’s tutorial about placing the two squares together, sewing all the way around and then cutting them in 4 pieces and there they are!  Love the technique but how do you figure out
    what the finished dimension will be?
    I have a pattern that calls for cutting out 72ea 3-7/8″ squares, drawing a line, sewing 1/4″ on both sides of the line and then cutting.

    Jenny’s method is so much easier.  What size square do I start with to get the same size have square triangles as noted above?

    Confused in Kansas.

  • Anne

    Wow what an amazing giveaway. Love your tutorials and thank you for sharing. Such inspiration for new quilters. Thank you

  • Aballenger

    Love Fabric and contest. A win win times 10.

  • Butterjoy

    How do I enter the contest when I am already a member?

  • Cindybridges22

    My name appeared as a winner but I haven’t been notified yet.What do I do? Cindy

  • Marl

    This was an awesome, generous contest, thank you and congratulations to all the winners !

  • Jenny

    Hi Teddie, Because I work with pre-cuts, I really only know the dimensions for those, however, there is a chart on the blog and it gives you the formula to figure it out.  Because I am not a math girl, I would make one out of scrap until I figured out the right size.  I hope this helps. Jenny

  • Oralene

    Teddie, I would make me a sample of the pattern given (the 3-7/8″ squares) as instructed in the directions, and then place them together to make the square you need, and measure the resulting square.  Then I would make another sample using the new measurement to make sure the measurements are in fact going to work.  Hopefully this will work, and I haven’t confused you more.

  • Sarah

    Thanks for answering Teddy!  We so appreciate your help!!

  • Sarah

    Teddie, let me know if you need any more help!  hopefully Oralene made more sense for you! Have a wonderful week!

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