Tea Towel Apron Idea…

Tea Towel Apron Idea…

Wow, it is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is RIGHT around the corner!  I’m still mourning summer, but coming to grips that the Holidays are definitely upon us!

Since I just moved…AGAIN, my holiday plans are to lay low and keep it simple.

Us girls at the shop are coming up with some fun things to make as gifts or to brighten your homes with!  (soon, I promise!)

This morning I came across a really cute printable from Allsorts blog (Jenny B Harris) The little holiday lists are just plain adorable!  I printed mine right away (7) and made each one of us our own Christmas lists that the kids  can start writing down what they want!   I made one for myself also!  My husband NEEDS all the help he can get!  🙂  It was literally a 20 minute project that got me all inspired!  (and you know I love that!!)

I also wanted to show you  (pardon the Halloween fabric) just another embellishment idea we have using the basic tea towel apron pattern. It is just so easy to make these little aprons adorable and cute, using some holiday fabric and some trim!

Hope you all have a great weekend!

We’ll talk soon.


  • Cpete

    I miss you!!!

  • Debra

    Wanted you to know that I made several tea towel aprons after viewing the tutorial. So easy! My sister-in-law saw the first one and comnented that she needs an apron but never likes the ones that she sees at the stores…so I made her three from a set of three co-ordinated tea towels! The first one went to my 87 year old aunt. I enjoy your tutorials.

  • Quiltinginthesun

    Daily deal sounds great! Gotta love the $5 flat shipping.

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