BYU TV’s Random Acts: Quilting Life Back Together

BYU TV’s Random Acts: Quilting Life Back Together

If you know the story of how our little company came to be, then you might understand why it’s so important for us to grab on to opportunities to give back. Random Acts is a hidden camera show that focuses on acts of kindness. This episode follows a single mom who lost her home and all her possessions – including quilting supplies used to supplement her income – in a tragic house fire. Watch as Machelle is treated to a fun-filled shopping spree with Missouri Star. We were honored to be a part of this Random Acts episode on BYU TV and so glad to meet Machelle! Keep the tissues handy for this one!

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  • Susan Moroney (SoozeM)

    OMG you are awesome Jenny I love you!! And Machelle hang in there, so glad you can keep sewing, there is no therapy like fabric therapy!!

  • Linda Swanekamp

    Am amazing story- especially because it is true! Michelle’s devastation was overwhelming. I just loved watching her face when she was at your store!

  • Tracy

    What a blessing everyone is! Thank you for sharing this story and bringing good out of tragedy in Michelle’s life!

  • Christine Sherman

    This is so awesome 🙂

  • DHM

    I can’t get the videos to play.

  • Thank you so much, Susan! Quilting really does heal the soul. 🙂

  • We loved having her here, Linda! She really is such a sweet, deserving lady.

  • Thank you, Tracy! It was such a wonderful opportunity to help someone, and we loved doing it.

  • Thank you, Christine! Michelle was a joy to meet and help.

  • Hello! If you click on the play arrow to the left, it should work. Otherwise you can double click on the thumbnail and it will take you directly to the BYUtv site where the video is posted. 🙂

  • DHM

    Thanks, I got it to work going to the blog site and trying on Explorer rather than Firefox. Wonderful story. You taught me how to quilt!! Love your tutorials!


    And this is why I love shopping at MSQC, aspiring to one day visit Hamilton, MO…. you Doan’s are SEW WONDERFUL !!

  • Marg Layton

    I have tried all week by logging on to the byu tv site, but the only video I can get to play is one that takes place where they try and get people to help them find things like an ear ring, help with a bike, etc. It definitely does NOT show the one about the lady you helped to replace her quilting supplies, even though I click on the picture of Jenny with the lady. I really want to see your video, not this other one. It makes me crazy when things like this happen.

  • Hi, Marg! We’re so sorry about the confusion. This episode is part of a release on BYUtv that involved a few other productions as well. The clip with Machelle begins at 5:30 in the video.

  • Barbara

    Tears are welling up in my eyes, you are all such good people.

  • Thanks so much, Barbara. We just try to do what we can. 🙂