New Missouri Star Website Features You’ll Love!

New Missouri Star Website Features You’ll Love!

Have you switched over to the new MSQC site yet? It’s fresh and bright with bigger pictures, clean lines, and clearer categories. There’s plenty to love! Give us a little time and you’ll feel right at home.

We’ve been gearing up for the past few months to roll out our new website. It’s on it’s way pretty soon! We’re so excited, we can hardly wait! It’s packed with awesome new features just for you. Here are the top five reasons you’ll fall in love with it too!

Top Five reasons you’ll LOVE our new MSQC site!

1. Faster to use! Browse without lagging and when you click on an item and return to the page, your cursor will stay right where you left off! 

2. Improved searchability, just start typing and what you’re looking for appears!

Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.45.00 (1)

3. Keep track of your favorites with personalized wishlists.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.46.32

4. Now you can “heart” items that you love and view them in your very own list of “items I love.” The more you heart, the better the site becomes for you!



Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.46.49

5. BLOCK subscriptions are easier than ever to manage—gift subscriptions too! Click on the shiny new BLOCK category and you’ll find everything in the same place.

Here’s some other handy features we think are nifty.

Save time. When an item is out of stock, you’ll see it before you even have to click on it.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.45.49

Digital downloads are easier to access and keep track of now! 

Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.49.28

Keep checking back for new features. We’re always improving!

Keep an eye out for…

Better browsing and filtering options!

Simplified category searching—when you start typing in the search, the category appears!

  • Dottie from Massachusetts

    Nice! The photos load faster. My only complaint is that when I click on an item to read more about it and then want to go back to where I left off browsing, the site still doesn’t take me back to where I was. It returns me higher up and I have to scroll down to get where I left off.

  • Carol F

    My favorite new searchable is the tutorials!!! I hated scrolling though everyone just to find the one you are looking for.

  • Pamela Tinkle

    This is my only complaint about the site, too. I sure hope the new site fixes this. Lots of times I want to get a quick view of an item but won’t because have to start from top when going back.

  • Yay! We’re so glad you’re liking the new site, @disqus_HUvWmvGzKc:disqus!

  • This is great feedback @dottiefrommassachusetts:disqus! We’re taking note and passing it along to the developers! We definitely want to keep improving to make your experience even better! Thanks!!

  • Anne

    Ditto to this comment. In all areas this is a must.

  • Daria P.

    May I make a suggestion in the meantime? Right click on the item you want to read more about, then click on “Open Image in New Window (or New Tab).” You can read all about the item (I’m sure Missouri Star would be delighted if you added it to your cart. ;->); when finished, close that window/tab; then return to the first window to continue looking at more items where you left off. I have a Mac, so I’m not sure if this works on a PC.

  • Christine

    Was unable to find the tutorial for Square in a Square quilt on your tutorial page.

  • Kristin

    I hope you have fixed the cursor positioning. When scrolling through a list of items, and select one, you should be returned to where you were in the list (i.e. the cursor should maintain its position). It’s really annoying to have the whole page reload and then have to scroll and scroll to get back to where you were. Browsing will be much easier once this is fixed!

  • Dottie from Massachusetts

    Yes it does, Daria! Thanks for the suggestion! Brilliant!

  • Thanks for the feedback, @disqus_6X5vsjZlyE:disqus! You can find it here:

  • Leslie Wolfgeher

    I like the new website with the exception of having to page and scroll back to the top. I wish it used the lazy load method so the page clicking is eliminated. Also, wish there was a project gallery under fabric collections, to see different projects that were made using the fabric collection.

  • Susan

    Didn’t understand where to find My Wishlist… I have a few items in there now, but how do I get there?

  • Vickie Tessman Andersen

    I can’t find where you can sort by the fabric designer…if I don’t know a line of fabric by name sometimes I use that function.

  • Diane

    I’m finding the tutorial site/page difficult to use. Why isn’t there or why can’t there be an alphabetical listing of ALL tutorials EASILY ACCESSIBLE? And if it’s there, why can’t I find that tab?

  • Judy

    Is there a way to search the Tutorials which use a certain type of pre-cut? For example, I have a layer cake and a charm pack from the same fabric line. I’d like to be able to search with something like “tutorial using layer cake and charm pack” and get a list of tutorials which use those two pre-cuts.