Your Guide to MSQC Machine Quilting Services!

Your Guide to MSQC Machine Quilting Services!

Have you ever tried Missouri Star Quilt Company’s Longarm Machine Quilting Services? Here are some of the questions we get the most! If you have any other questions, make sure to add them to the comments!

Machine Quilting Services

machine quilting services questions

How do I prepare my quilt for shipping? We recommend that you place your quilt top into a plastic bag before you ship it to us, so it is protected on the way.  We also suggest that you insure the package when you ship it just to further protect your quilt.  Also, do not forget to include your order number and phone number!

How much extra backing do I need to send? We need 4 inches on each side to be able to sandwich the layers and secure them onto the longarm quilting machine.  So, for example, if your quilt measures 50×50 then your backing needs to be 58X58.

What do I need to enclose with my quilt? Please include your order number and phone number in case we need to contact you. If possible, you can just print out the confirmation email and include that with your shipment. As long as we have your order number and your phone number, that will work just fine!

Can I choose two different threads? For quality assurance, we always use the same color on the top of the quilt as we do in the bobbin. Using two different colors can sometimes cause tension issues and there is no way to guarantee that only one of the colors will show on each side of the quilt.

Do you have invisible thread? We do not offer invisible thread.  We use high quality Omni thread. If you don’t want to see the thread, we will try our best to blend the thread color as much as we can to make it appear invisible!

I have a block/border that I do not want to be quilted. Can you cut it out? Cutting out blocks and borders falls into the custom quilting category and we are not able to offer custom quilting.  We offer edge to edge quilting services only, so the same pattern will be used from top to bottom, left to right.

Can I send in my own batting? Yes, you can send in your own batting. We do offer batting, which is included in the price for quilting services, so the price will be the same whether you provide the batting or we do. If you do decide to send your own batting, make sure it is larger than than your quilt top to make sure we have plenty for your quilt sandwich.

I have multiple quilts on my order. Do I need to do anything special when I ship them? It is perfectly fine to order more than one quilt at once, but we would love it if you would attach a piece of paper to each quilt top indicating the stitch pattern and size of each quilt top, so we can ensure we use the correct instructions for each quilt. Please also put the top and backing of each separate quilt in its own bag or tie them with a ribbon, so that we don’t accidentally mix up backings and tops.

Is the return shipping included in the price? Yes, the standard shipping rates apply.  If your order is under $100, a return shipping cost of $5 will be included in your order. If your order is over $100, the return shipping is free.  We always ensure the packages to their final destination and a signature will be required.

What is the turnaround time? We do our best to keep the turn around time to about 6-8 weeks. However, there are peak times (holidays and special event seasons) where the wait time can be longer. If you have a special deadline, please plan accordingly or give us a call/email to see what the current turn around time is. Please allow an extra week or two for binding. There is also a special deadline for quilts that need to be delivered by Christmas. That cut off date will be specified in early Fall each year.

I have a label. Will you attach it for me if I send it? We currently do not offer the service of attaching labels, but are considering it for the future. We recommend that you attach the label before sending it to us.

I want to add prairie points to my quilt. Do I need to do that before it is quilted? If prairie points are attached prior to quilting, they will be stitched down using our edge to edge quilting method. We cannot quilt around them. That also applies to open/pocketed flying geese, flanged borders, ricrac or anything else that is not completely attached to the quilt top.

I want a different thread color than the choices you have listed. Is that an option? Yes, we have a rainbow of thread choices available. So if you choose blue or green, we pull many colors, lay them out on the quilt tops, see what blends best and narrow the choice from there. Unless it is specified that you want your thread to stand out, we will generally try to blend the thread colors to make them the least noticeable as possible. If you have a more specific request, please include that in the comments section with your order.

I see there is a comment section when ordering my quilt. What type of comments should I include?  Your phone number is always a great thing to include in the comment section.  From time to time we may need to contact you with questions about your quilt and it is usually quicker and easier to do that by phone. Also, please include anything you would like us to know about your quilt, such as deadlines you are trying to meet or any personal significance that might help our machine quilters provide you with the best experience possible. We cannot promise that all deadlines will be met, but we do our best each time. If your deadline requests cannot be accomplished, we will contact you. There is no such thing as too much information!

If I elect for Missouri Star’s Binding Fairies to bind my quilt, do I need to send the fabric already pieced together in a long continuous strip? It is completely up to you.  Our binding fairies use 2.5-inch binding so if you piece and iron your binding at home please use 2.5-inch strips.  If you want us to make your binding for you that is fine please just include enough fabric for us to cut 2.5-inch strips.

  • Kathy Sanchez

    Mom and I embroidery a quilt pieces, enough for queen size. If I sent to you, you do pieces in between to make queen size? What is pricing ? Mom is 87now and can’t embroidery anymore so precious to me

  • Ellen Rock

    Can I pick the edge-to-edge pattern I want to use n my quilt?

  • Yes, you can! We have a wide variety of stitch patterns! 🙂

  • Susan Nearhoof Ronan

    Do you send an email to say you received the Quilt? I mailed one to you last week which I insured but I didn’t have you sign for it.

  • Carol M

    Do you quilt whole cloth quilt patterns? I have one I would like to send but not sure if that is something you do….Thank You.

  • I have a sampler quilt top with a variety of blocks made from different techniques. It includes piecing, appliqué, embroidery, detailed paper piecing, etc. Is there an all over quilt design that would work with those different type blocks? They are all six inch finished blocks with sashing in between.

  • Quilted Chick

    How much does it cost to have an overall, simple,meander design quilted over a quilt that measures 88×94? Do you charge by the square inch?

  • Michele Erickson James

    When I send my quilt in (I ordered my backing fabric with the order for the quilting) will I receive the remainder of the fabric to do the binding? Thank you

  • Merry Field

    How do I know if MSQ received my quilt? It just says “waiting” under my order number?

  • Mary

    Hello Merry! You will receive an email from the quilting department at Missouri Star once your quilt is received. Thank you so much for choosing Missouri Star to quilt your quilt! 🙂

  • Janet

    How do I choose a quilting pattern for certain blocks that are only a plain white block about 6″. ?

  • Pam Feinberg

    I have the yardage for the backing but can you piece the back together?

  • Carole Hoff

    How do you charge

  • Quilted Chick

    Hi, please contact me directly for a quote, my email is
    I typically have a 3 week turn around time, and you can view my work on business page in Facebook….just log in to FB and search The Quilted Chick, you will see a brightly colored chicken pin cushion as my profile pic! Thank you and I look forward to your email😀
    Best regards, Susan Schmitz, The Quilted Chick

  • Quilted Chick

    Oh! Forgot to answer that question…yes I charge by the square inch, I am located in Florida. I do much better with emails sent directly to my business and not in disqus

  • Kelline Collett

    I have a Christmas wall hanging that needs custom quilting. Do you do custom quilting?

  • Brenda Stevenson Wasden

    I bought the Couch to Quilt and thought it included
    free quilting, backing, and binding. Is that correct?

  • Christa Parenteau

    Received my Couch to Quilt Kit yesterday😊😊So exited to make the Baby Quilt for my preemie great niece

  • Susan McQuade

    Does the quilt top need to be pressed before sending?

  • Donna

    Do you quilt quilts with scalloped edges and do you bind these

  • Becky Moon

    I am quoting a quilt by hand how do I put backing and quilt top together to start

  • Peggy Lee Helton

    I am planning to attend Missouri Star Academy in June. Can I bring a quilt top with me for you to quilt? If so, where to I take it to and when can I get it back?

  • Christine Mattys

    Do you return shipping overseas? I live in Australia and would love to know the shipping costs

  • Annelies Mouring

    I plan to have some HTV vinyl on the backing of my quilt, I have quilted it before but on smaller quilts. Is it okay to have quilted or does it cause a problem? I haven’t ironed it on yet. Thanks!

  • Velda Adams

    My niece had you quilt one for her….and when you sent it back, she never rec’d it… the PO said it was out for delivery…. but she never rec’d it…. do you ALWAYS require a signature and can you tell her who signed for it???

  • Brenda Cole

    My quilt top is one piece, 52 x 52. Do I need to do anything special to it so it will go on your equipment?

  • Debbie

    Yes I am planning to visit in May 2018 and I would like to bring a quilt top is that possible and where do I bring it.

  • Connie Lynn

    Does the backing have to be exactly 8 x 8 inches larger than the quilt top?

  • Connie Lynn

    Also, can I have my quilted project back without trimming off the excess batting and backing? I use the extra batting for smaller projects and the excess fabric for scrap quilts (or a tube pillow case if there’s enough).

  • Susan Harris Cooper

    Not sure how to check the status of my quilt…

  • Susan Harris Cooper


  • Anne lwis

    why does no one ask about the price. I could never send one to be quilted without knowing how much it would cost me.

  • Shirley Sentz Wilkins

    Because we already know the cost by clicking on the link under Machine Quilting and following the prompts

  • Verna A.

    It is included. After you finish the quilt top, you send it to Missouri Star, and they quilt it, attach the binding and send it back to you. They did a fantastic job on mine!