Jenny and Ron’s 38th Wedding Anniversary Q&A

Jenny and Ron’s 38th Wedding Anniversary Q&A

Today we are wishing Jenny and Ron Doan a very happy 38th Wedding Anniversary! To celebrate this milestone, we sat down with Jenny and Ron to learn a little bit about their relationship. Check out the Q&A below.

If you’ve ever been to one of Jenny’s trunk shows, you know that she and Ron make the perfect pair! While Jenny explains the story behind each quilt, Ron holds it up for all to see!

How did you meet?

Jenny: Ron and I met at a church dance.

What was your first impression of your spouse?

Jenny: I thought he was shy and a pretty snazzy dresser!

Ron: I thought she was really cute with a nice smile.

What would be your spouse’s ideal date?

Jenny: Ron would like to go to the motocross races.

Ron: Jenny would want to go out to dinner and a James Taylor concert!

If you could describe your spouse in one word, what word would it be?

Jenny: Ron is sweet.

Ron: Jenny is spontaneous!

Jenny and Ron on their wedding day, April 18, 1980.

If your spouse had a superpower, what would it be?

Jenny: Ron’s superpower would be that he can fix anything!

Ron: Quilting is definitely Jenny’s superpower.

What is the best gift your spouse ever bought for you?

Jenny: Ron once got me a toolbox with my name engraved on it.  

Ron: Jenny made me a life scrapbook.

What was the first meal that your spouse ever cooked for you?

Ron: Jenny made me Swedish pancakes, and they were delicious.

Jenny: Ron made me mac and cheese.

When did you and your spouse first dance together and to what song?

Jenny: We are kitchen dancers, so I don’t really remember the first time we danced—when a song came on we would always dance. Our song has changed throughout the years, but “Grow Old Along with Me” by Mary Chapin Carpenter and “Annie’s Song” by John Denver are favorites. Also “A Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins is great. There are so so many more! More recently, “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds and “Make You Feel My Love” by Adele. We are music lovers for sure!

What is your spouse’s favorite color?

Jenny: Ron and I both like blue.


What is your spouse’s favorite flavor of ice cream?

Jenny: Ron likes anything chocolate.

Ron: Jenny likes Cherry Garcia!

What is your spouse’s favorite movie?

Jenny: Ron loves the original Star Wars trilogy or any of the Indiana Jones movies!

What is your spouse’s favorite restaurant?

Jenny: Ron and I both love Texas Roadhouse and we loved Lobster Grotto in Monterey as well. They had the best clam chowder!

What is your spouse’s favorite TV show?

Jenny: We both like NCIS and action shows!

Jenny and Ron on their wedding day, April 18, 1980.

Who controls the TV remote?

Jenny: Ron does, but I don’t mind. I like to knit while we watch TV together.

What is your spouse’s most repeated catchphrase?

Jenny: Ron is always saying, “Don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Ron: Every night Jenny tells me, “Dream sweet dreams.”

When did Ron start sewing?

Jenny: Years and years ago, he made his sister a quilt for Christmas, but most recently he was sewing at a retreat. He also has a quilt featured in the latest issue of ModBlock Magazine and it’s awesome.

Do you like to sew together?

Jenny: Yes, we are a very good team!

How would you describe each others’ quilting style?

Jenny: Ron is relaxed.

Ron: Jenny loves the details.

How did you celebrate your first anniversary?

Jenny: We had a 1-month-old baby, so our options were kind of limited. I fixed him dinner at home, and he rubbed my feet!

How do you like to celebrate your anniversary now?

Ron: We usually go out to dinner and just spend time together.

Do you have any advice for the newlyweds out there?

Jenny: It’s hard work to stay married. Give it your all! People become what you believe they are, so make sure to tell your spouse how wonderful, kind, and handsome he is and he will become it. Words have great power.  

Ron: Never be selfish. Always put your spouse first.

What is your definition of, “And they lived happily ever after”?

Jenny: Being happy where you are, no matter what your circumstances are and that’s us.

  • Cynthia Fedak

    Have a happy anniversary! God bless you both! Jenny you bring joy into alot of hearts with your videos and bubbly nature. My hubby and I have been married 52 years, yes, the years fly by….four kids and seven grandkids later. But you beat us with the seven you have, lots of work in raising children, but the rewards are great. Thanks for sharing your delightful story with everyone!

  • Lin

    A very happy anniversary to you both. Jenny feels like a friend who I turn to many times for quilting advice. She is so special and I am sure Ron, you treasure her as she does you.
    Very best wishes from the UK.

  • Believer

    To Jenny and Ron
    May the Lords blessings in your marriage and life continue to flow. May your peace be great and your love be full. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary.

  • Ellen

    Happiest of anniversaries to you both! It always helps when you put the other first and work together! Love all you do at MQS! Hope to visit some day!

  • Penny Self

    So happy for you both,Congratulations, Happy Anniversary and here’s to many more !
    God love you both x

  • Cindy Roanhorse

    Remarkable and lovely family “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO BOTH OF YOU”…Blessings always

  • Carol Fridley

    Happy Anniversary Jenny and Ron. Congrats on a great life together. I really enjoyed meeting both of you when you were in Louisville, Kentucky. 50 of us quilters will be visiting you May 15, 2018.

  • Marsha Smyth

    Happy anniversary to an amazing couple. May God bless you with many more! ❤️❤️

  • Kate Rasmussen, Denmark

    Happy anniversery. I have been following your tutorials for several years, and I am looking forward to visit your shop in july.
    Kate Rasmussen.

  • Suzanne Brunelle Minten

    Happy Anniversary, may the next 38 years bring you lots of joy and happiness!!

  • Juanita in OH

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! It couldn’t have happened to a better couple. I wish you more abundant blessings in the future.

  • Dorothy Vesperman

    Happy Anniversary to both of you!!! 38 years is a wonderful!!!
    Cheers, to many more!!!

  • Anne Hodson

    God’s richest blessings to you both on your anniversary. You have a beautiful caring family. Thank you for sharing them all with us through MSQ and the joy that has been brought to ‘sew’ many of your viewers and shoppers. We love you.

  • fran

    Happy Anniversary to both of you many more

  • Chris Bernard

    Happy anniversary and thank you for sharing your wonderful loving life with us. God bless you and your family.

  • Patricia Davis

    Happy Anniversary! Thanks for the joy you bring to so many people and may it always come back to you twofold!

  • Frances Whited

    Happy Anniversary to your both!!! Such a lovely story and interview–May you have 38 more years together. God Bless your union!!!
    I love your show, watch it all the time and have madelots of your quilts!!
    Fran in Newport, Ore.

  • Vickie Walker

    awww I love the family photo.. I espically love Jenny honey shirt…. I <3 Jenny 😀

  • Roberta Hudson

    Happy Anniversary! I was in Sacramento and had an opportunity attend a class and got to see first hand how well they work with each other. Nice people and I wish they all the best on this day and those ahead of them.

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  • Nancy Saller

    I think our marriage will last, we’ve been married 55 years and hope we can make it another 20. Happy Anniversary to you both of you. You have a wonderful family. We were on a road trip December 2017 and visited your wonderful stores. I just wish I lived closer so I could meet you. It was cold when we were there, thank goodness for Man Land for my husband and dog.

  • Irene Smith

    Happy Anniversary I love your tutorials, Jenny. You are my morning ‘fix’. My husband and I have been married 60 years so it really does work.

  • Mary Denney

    Happy happy anniversary

  • Karen McSparren

    May God continue to bless you! Happy Anniversary!!!

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  • Brenda

    Happy Anniversary! And many many more healthy ones.

  • Marilyn Reid

    A very Happy Anniversary and many more… Marriage is work, but its fun too I met you in Erie and loved you both So down to earth My David and I will be married 59 years come September and I hope for many more. he has cacner but there is always hope !!!! Marilyn Reid

  • DeAnn

    Happy Anniversary! Love you Jenny you make quilting fun!

  • Roberta Shatto

    Happy Anniversary. May the Lord grant you many more.

  • Marijo Bridges Wakley

    38 Years!!! How Fun Is That? (quoting Jenny)

  • Kater

    Love your definition of happily ever after. So true! God bless you both and many more years of wedded bliss!

  • Janice

    Happy Anniversary Y’all from Greensboro, NC!

  • Lenore Schuff

    Very best wishes to both of you on your 38th wedding anniversary!

  • Judy

    Happy Anniversary! So very happy for you.

    My husband and I never went to bed mad. I only broke it once in 32 years. He reminded me the next morning. I had to say I was sorry and so did he. I’m so glad we did. He passed 10 years ago. Love each other every day while you can..Hold hands, always say you love each other, you never know when it will be the last time.

  • Colleen Murray

    Happy Anniversary to you both!! Such a wonderful thing to see! I am coming to your town sometime in early August!! I cannot wait!! God bless you both and your family!

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  • Kat550

    Happy Anniversary! On my birthday no less.

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    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! Jenny & Ron!!!. My husband of 49 years and I compliment each other daily and show a great interest in each others hobbies and interests. We never go to sleep without saying how much we love each other! Compromise and put each other first has always worked for us!