Hello March….an invitation to Spring.

Hello March….an invitation to Spring.

March just says to me, that Spring is so close.  I love Spring.  (really, I love all the seasons.  By the time they get here, i am usually ready for them.)  This weekend I received a SURPRISE package from Missouri star Quilt co!  It was really from my Sister Natalie….She knows about my infatuation with Heather Bailey, and had made this quilt for me!  OMGoodness.  To say that I was excited would be an understatement!  I almost cried I was so excited!  Isn’t it just gorgeous!? (made using Nicey Jane)  I haven’t decorated much since we moved, and this is just the motivation I needed.  I am now on the hunt for anything and everything to make my bedroom feel more like home!  (yay, new curtains and pillows)

So, I  bought myself some tulips this week in celebration of March {and a new quilt for my bed}  and couldn’t be happier!  They are just a perfect bright spot in my house.

My family has been struck by the sick-monster. {AGAIN}   What is it with us this year!?  My husband came home from work early and my daughter came home from school early yesterday, both with fevers and aches.  In the middle of the night our baby (Biebers # 1 fan) woke up with a fever too!  Poor babies.  I hate when my family is sick!  My motto is to out run the illness or it will take me over.  It’s working so far.  🙂

Another thing that is getting me out of the winter blahs is the Sunkissed line from Sweetwater! I LOVE it!  Mom put together this amazing table topper (or baby blanket) and I just had to have it!  Can you even stand it’s amazing-ness?  I just love how the colors and designs just scream SPRING!  {really, the screaming is pretty soft, which is why I think it appeals to a larger group of quilters!} It really looks fabulous on my table!  🙂

Isn’t this just darling!?!?

Mom is putting together a tutorial on this table topper really soon!  It is way easy and I think you’ll love it!

Well, I guess that is all for me today!  I hope that you are having a fabulous week and that you are able to get a little quilting done.  Do something you love, it will make you feel happy!  🙂


  • Msunderstood_one

    Love the quilt and table topper/baby blanket! They could even give Frosty the Snowman Spring Fever!!

  • Delicious. Wish they all packed some much needed energy for me so I’d get off my duff and get cracking!! Inspiration at it’s best. Love your new quilt. Aren’t sisters wonderful? (So are MOMS).

  • Quiltingvovo

    Hi Sarah ! The quilt that Natalie made for you is just gorgeous. What pattern di she use ?
    If possible, would you let us know ??
    Enjoy the Blog a great deal. When you write it seems that you are really just talking to us.
    Very natural. Thank you for taking the time to write to us. Evita

  • Sarah

    Thanks for being so sweet about the blog. I am glad that you enjoy it. 🙂

    Natalie used the stars aligned pattern with maybe a few modifications, but not many.
    It’s a great pattern. Mom did a tutorial on making stars with jelly roll, it’s on you tube.

    Hope this helps.


    I Love the quilt that your sister made for you using Heather Bailey Nicey Jane Fabric. Would you
    know what pattern she used.

    Thank You
    Darlene Johnson DJOHNSONOC@AOL.COM

  • Diana

    Hi, have a question, How long do the tutorials stay on line? I cannot open any of them tonight. I hope these stay a while. They are wonderful. Teaching me so much. I would of burn them to a dvd if known they would not be on for a while.

    Hoping they will stay longer.

  • Diana

    Your tutorials are fantastic. I saw the “How to Bind” the other day and watched it again this morning . To do the corner so beautifully and easily is just such a find. I will do this “forever” when I bind a quilt !!! I have been quilting for just a few months and there is so much to learn. Your site has made quilting MUCH MORE FUN for me. I just cannot wait to do a Dresden table runner with the Turkeys. You make it soooooooooo much easier for me. Keep them coming. I spend many hours watching your tutorials.

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