Bus Trip 2011

Bus Trip 2011

I can NOT hide my excitement over our first ever Bus Trip!  Our amazing Carolyn headed the whole thing.  She talked other shops into joining and put together a fabulous route!  We are beyond (scared) thrilled and are ready for the craziness that is, 8 buses of 45-50 quilters over two days!!  LOL!  Can you even imagine!?

So, to get ready for all this fun we decided we needed a little something for the outside of the building.  I know you have all followed along as I’ve led you through most of our progress.  We haven’t gotten as much done outside as I would like to, but we are working on it.

A little background:  Our building is OLD.  It used to be an Antique shop and before that is was originally a car dealership.  It had more beautiful brick buildings beside it that have burned and been torn down.  So our building is all alone (kinda ugly, in the sense that it is long-rectangular with a flat roof and ugly.)  LOL

Isn’t it cool? I love how it looked in it’s prime!!

Anyway, it still charms me. 🙂  But obviously we have some work to do.  So this past weekend, we put up a giant-very awesome-I couldn’t be happier- MISSOURI STAR sign!  We painted it in our signature BRIGHT colors, so there will be no missing our store! Hahaha!

Wow! Isn’t that great!?

Come see it in person if you are close.  (do you think it’s too much?)   Haha!

Well, I am ready for anything this weekend  ( i hope).  We have kits cut and lots of new things since Market.  Can’t wait to show them all off!

Have a great weekend.  I’ll have lots to share, on Monday!

  • Danielakomatsu

    Hi, I’m Daniela, I’m from Brazil. I’ve been watching MSQC the last 3 weeks and I just loved it.
    I’d love to learn to sew well, so I could do all the things I saw. 
    Too bad I can not buy from the MSQC website.
    Congratulations for the great job you do.
    I’d love to go visit you some time.
    See you

  • Debinmalaga

    Daniela, have you checked out the Community forums on the site?  Lots of friendly quilters to chat with, share pictures with, and learn so much!  I think you’d enjoy it!

  • Debinmalaga

    Sarah, the sign is AWESOME.  How I wish I was one of the lucky ladies on the buses, but will eagerly look forward to hearing all about it!

  • A.J. Dub


  • Freda Fields Alley

    I love your “barn quilt”….  the perfect thing for your store!

  • Love the sign, now I know what to look for if I ever leave Ga, and make it out to Missouri.

  • Shirley Jones

    I think it is so great that your family is preserving a part of your town’s heritage. So many of the older buildings are being done away with and you can be so proud of all you have accomplished. shirleyj

  • Mortonkarena

    I love the star! I think you should make it a pattern, if it isn’t already.

  • LJ_Tulip

    Hope that your bus trip is turning out as fantastic as you had planned.  If all goes well, I expect you may do it again and I’d love to join the group.  It sounds like lots of fun.  I love old pictures and your building  was neat.  Was impressed by the trees around it.  Are they still there?  If not, that would be a great addition to the store.  Yep, the sign is wonderfully bright; perfect!

  • I’m home from my part of the bus trip!  So pleased that I started in Hamilton – I did bow out of the last part of the tour and departed in Cameron.  I’ll fill everyone in on all the fun I had when I post on the forum.  But first, I have got to REST.  They wore me out.  Before I sign off I do have to give KUDOS to Carolyn – we could not have had a more perfect tour director.  And Ray, our Bus Driver was awesome.  Anyone guess who this is?  I met the bunch of you!!!

  • Chris

    It SHINES so bright I can see it from Medford, WI……..so very cute. You’ll get lots of business & new friends now.

  • You have a wonderful shop!  I am so glad you were one of the shops on the bus trip!  I really enjoyed meeting all of you friendly gals in the shop!!  Thanks!  Mae

  • Charnette

    love your shop one my favorites on our trip!!!!!
    one chick from the Quilt Coop

  • Brantfordgirl

    I love the quilt on your building – Its perfect. Maybe someday I will be able to see it in person. Not exactly a “day trip” from Ontario Canada 🙁

  • Iamdonnamac

    My friends and I all had such a wonderful time on the bus tour. MO* is my, our, favorite. I did find some others that were a lot of fun, too. Everyone seems to have it’s own charm and special features. We just enjoy the trip to ‘hannibal’ every time we come.
    Thanks for all the work all you ladies and the gentlemen put into giving us such an enjoyable time.

  • Beverly

    My thanks to everyone who made this bus trip so special. I look forward to next years quilt shop bus tour – and returning to my beloved Missouri Star Quilt Company. Please stay in touch.
    Your Honorary Newly Knighted Missourian (by Barbara and Reba)

  • Bernicek

    Wow!  What a wonderful trip we had.  Carolyn was an amazing bus mom and our driver Ray could not have been nicer or more helpful.  Our traveling mates were some of the nicest and most helpful people I have ever met.  Hopefully I have made a lot of new friends and kept the old ones of theses wonderful ladies and one gentleman.
    Our welcome home by the MSQC staff was totally awesome.  What a way to be met at the end of a wonderful trip. 
    Thanks for all you do to make our hometown quilt shop the very best.

  • Ccay

    Hmmmmm!  Sandy!  So glad to meet you in person.


  • Pamela

    You girls are sooo lucky I’m so jealous. We don’t have anything as exciting as bus trips or exciting fabric shops with a lovely big star outside. But we do have great videos from Missouri Star.
    Greetings from N Ireland

  • Ljacobsen

    I was on the bus that started in Creston, Iowa. We had a great time, the food was wonderful. We all said after our stop at your store, if you didn’t quilt before, you made us all want to start that day. You have a great store with the best helpers I’ve ever had. Thank you for making your stop one we will be returning to soon…

  • Dkirk

    I bet the best part for those on the tour was the wave!!

  • OhioStarQuilter

    Hey Brantford Girl,
    I was born and grew up in Brantford.  I attended BCH, now St. John’s. I live in Ohio now.
    Nan (Hartmann) Martino

  • Iamdonnamac

    The Quilt Coop was darling, she had so many unique projects and lovely fabric. That would be a favorite if it weren’t so far away.