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Sugar Pop…

Sugar Pop…

What a week I had last week!  Whew!  Glad it’s over!!  🙂  One thing I can always count on is that life is always interesting around here!!

We are just working like crazy on the website, getting everything updated and added.  I hope you have been able to see the improvements and additions!  Our little family business has just been growing like a weed.  (the good kind of weeds, you know the ones with pretty flowers on them.)

Anyway, here is a peak at the quilt top I put together using  the Sugar Pop line by Liz Scott from Moda. If you haven’t played with this line, you are missing out! It is so bright and colorful!  Just what I needed to keep the winter blahs away!

If you want the pattern for the top, here is Mom’s video tutorial:

Eden Quilt! A Jelly Roll and a Charm pack!

It is really a great, quick and easy top to put together!  All I need now is to pick out the border fabric and have it quilted!!  Don’t you worry, I will show you the finished project when it’s complete!

I hope you all have a GREAT Monday, and get lots done!  I am off to catch up on laundry and house cleaning.  (hoping I get it done fast, then I can work on another quilt idea I had!!)

Have a great day!


*Winner*Winner! We have a Winner!!

Oh man!!  What a great GIVEAWAY!!  It was so much fun to read through all your comments!  We’ve taken notes and are planning some more awesome tutorials for you! Also, a special thanks to all of you who took the time to answer others questions. Can I just say how much I love quilters? You are some of the most generous and thoughtful people I have ever “met”! I think 1/3 of the questions asked already had answers by the time I got to them, it just makes my heart warm to know there are so many of you who care!

So now, getting on with the giveaway part….*drum roll please*

Congratulations AMY!  You won the Quilting Class with Jenny.  You are one lucky lady!  Please email us at: and we will set you up with Sympoz.

I hope the rest of you all enjoy your weekend!  If you didn’t win (that goes for the rest of you, besides Amy) you can still purchase a class here.

There is a rumor going around to, that you have a 1 in 3 chance of getting a free class if you purchase this weekend.

See you Monday!
**FYI the winner was chosen at random using a random number generator. Thanks everyone!
An adorable tutorial,from YOU!

An adorable tutorial,from YOU!

Our facebook friend Sandra, uploaded a picture of a quilt she made and several of us wanted directions!!  Well, it’s your lucky day!  Sandra emailed me her directions and I am thrilled to share them with you!  Oh my, don’t you just love it!!?

3 5×5 charm packs            iron and ironing surface

1/2 yard solid fabric          machine or hand sew
cutting matt                      rotary cutter
straight edge                    coordinating thread

To begin I lay out what i will need. ( sort of like cooking)
The first charm pack is cut into 4 triangles. I do this by laying my ruler from corner to corner and cutting with my rotary cutter. Then without disturbing the fabric i lay the ruler to the opposite corners and cut again. So you are cutting an X. That gives you 4 triangles the same size. These are mixed up and sewn into the hour glass block style using 4 triangles. Next the charms from pack number 2 are cut into 3 equal strips (approx. a scant 1 3/4″) You mix these up and sew into blocks of three strips each. Now cut each of these into 3 equal strips, mix up again and sew three strips each to make your nine patch style block. Now is a good time to iron each block if you haven’t after each step. Next you will sew together alternating 9 patch and hour glass for a total of 8 blocks in a strip. I do have one block at the end of the last row that is solid. I use this to either sign and date or embroider a message to the receiver. Then sew these strips together to form your quilt.

Cut your solid fabric into 3 1/2 x 44 (fabric width) this is your first boarder. Attach down the sides first then trim excess. Next sew top and bottom strips. Trim now as these pieces are too long as well. Charm pack number 3 is cut in half and the pieces are sewn end to end to make the outside boarder. These are also sewn down the sides trimed and then top and bottom.  Trim the extra fabric and you are ready to quilt.

FYI:  the fabric she used was Garden Song, by Nancy Halverson from Benartex.

Thanks so much for sharing your directions Sandra!  I can’t wait to make mine!  I am just in love with the quilt!

Have a great day to you all, and don’t forget to enter our giveaway, for your chance to win a free class with Jenny!  Go here!


Classes with Jenny and a GIVEAWAY!

Classes with Jenny and a GIVEAWAY!

I’ve missed you all this weekend!!  I’ve been lucky enough to be here at the Shop almost all week (last week) and have had a blast with everyone.  We were busy receiving new product and adding to our shop online!  You might have noticed all our new fabric by the yard! Don’t worry, if you didn’t find what you were looking for, we are continuing to add to it everyday.

Our stack of orders from one of the mornings!!

We sure had a great time doing the Jelly Roll deals….  Our girls (and guy) in the shipping department worked like crazy to get everything out!  We sure hope you had as much fun as we did!!

How ’bout that Hexi ruler???  AMAZING, right!??!  I’m not gonna lie, I am in love with it!  I love that Natalie went and made a super complicated (and very overwhelming to me, pattern and made it easy!)  What a great sister, right!   🙂  Once you start making your hexagon quilts or table toppers please, please show us some pictures!!  We’d LOVE to see them!!

Mom (Jenny) has just begun her second round of filming for her next Quilting Class with Sympoz.  Her first class is going well, and a lot of you have given her great feedback and asked for more!  We are excited to be able to keep having fun and being creative!!  AND to celebrate we want to have a giveaway!  One lucky quilter will win a seat in Mom’s first online class (Quilting Quickly).  The benefits are enormous, getting your questions answered by her, and of course her clear and concise instructions. (If you don’t want to wait to win, you can sign up at half off, just CLICK HERE)

Take a look at these behind the scenes shots.  We sure have had a great time with the crew, teasing and joking with them!  Mom has joked about putting a star on the bathroom door, for her.  I told her I would make her one and be dazzle it with shiny gems!  LOL!  Hmmm, maybe for her birthday!!

So to be eligible to win it’s easy, just leave us a comment with a quilting question you’ve had or a suggestion for a youtube tutorial and we’ll enter you to win a FREE class with Jenny!  You have till Friday, and we’ll pick a winner via!  Have a great week.


The half hexagon ruler and a jelly roll

Natalie has done it again!  She has taken the super hard Y seams of the hexagon and turned it into something ANYONE can tackle.  Make a hexagon quilt without the Y seams.  I’m serious!!  Take a look, and if you’re reading this today, the Daily Deal happens to be the Origins Jelly Roll featured here!