Sewing Projects for a Full Heart (and Bobbin)!

When someone is covered in a cozy, warm quilt, they are reminded that someone sat at a sewing machine for hours, carefully piecing and stitching, with them in mind. A handmade table runner sitting on the family dining table shows a loving home to all who feast there. To be gifted a wall hanging is a reminder that they are loved by its maker.

Valentine’s day is one of the best holidays to make for because it’s about love and we LOVE to make! Here are some sweet as pie project ideas:

Tender Hearts Quilt Project Tutorial

Tender Hearts

Image – Tender Hearts Wall Hanging by Christopher Thompson (Check out his blog for a Valentine Ombre Wall Hanging)

Pour your heart into a love-able quilt or mini wall-hanging. This sweet project will make your heart melt!



Zig Zag Placemats & Napkins Pattern

Zig Zag Placemats & Napkins

Make tea time the best time when you get stuck on these easy-to-sew table accessories!


Love Notes Quilt Tutorial

Love Notes

Make their cheeks rosy, by turning our version of “You’ve Got Mail” into “Love Notes.”



Love is in the Air Quilt Project

Love is in the Air

Can you feel it in the air tonight? You will when you become love-struck by appliqué hearts!



You Make My Heart Happy Valentine's Day Panel

You Make My Heart Happy

“You make me happyyy when skies are greyyy. You’ll never knooww dearrr how much I love you…” is what you’ll be singing while putting together this adorable project!


Check out our selection of Valentine’s Day themed fabrics and get started! Whatever you make, make it with love.

Have you ever received a hand-made gift? Tell us about it in the comments!

I’m in L-O-V-E!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Chocolate and diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but this year why not try something sweeter…


If Harry Connick Jr. isn’t sweet enough for you, try some of the Valentine inspired fabric at the MSQC holiday shop, Sew Seasonal. Watch out for cupid!





Be Mine?


The Valentines winner:

Oh man, there were so many fun and entertaining Valentines stories!!  You all certainly kept me entertained this week! I was laughing out loud at some and sad at others, while a few were just heart-melting!  Ahh, love. Isn’t it just grand?

On to the Winners!!!  For the layer cake:

  • Valentine is a good day when I make giant heart shaped sugar cookies for my students to decorate at school. They love it and it’s fun to watch them.
    And for the Jelly Roll:
    • Rebecca M Kovach
      I totally forgot! When I was quite young there was this little red-haired and freckled boy named Neil Burger who had a major crush on me. He came to our door and delivered to me this amazing pink, ruffled heart-shaped box of candy. I was so horrified and embarassed by the whole thing I took the box and shut the door in his face. My mother was, of course, furious at my behavior! I still have that box in my memorabilia. I’m sixty so I imagine that box is around 50 years old. If he only knew I’d kept it all these years, maybe it would make up for my incredible rudeness. I am assuming my mom made me call and apoligize. I really can’t remember how it played out and Mom is no longer with me to fill me in on the details. I wonder what Neil Burger is doing these days. Hopefully he has a sweetheart who treats him well and loves him lots.
      Happy Valentine’s Day, Sarah and family!!!
      I seriously had a blast reading all your comments!!  Thanks so much for participating!!  Please stay tuned, we will have many more giveaways coming up! And if you simply can’t wait on fate (to win) you can find our Valentines fabric here.
      Talk to you soon.