Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial: The Tumbler Block

Quilt Snips Mini Quilting Tutorials


Aren’t Jenny’s quilting tutorials the best? Jenny puts the quick and easy in quilting, but sometimes there are so many good tutorials, that it’s hard to remember them all! That’s why we do things like Tutorial Reboots, to revisit old tutorials and give them new life.

Now we’ve got a mid-week mini tutorial series called Quilt Snips, which offers another chance for you to revisit your favorite simple quilt patterns and get a small burst of inspiration whenever you need it! You can always watch them on our YouTube Channel, Facebook Page or even on Instagram!

This one is the Tumbler Quilt. It uses 5″ squares and our Tumbler Template and you won’t believe how quickly it comes together! Use one of Robert Kaufman’s beautiful precuts in a fun solids color palette (like Kona Lush Lagoon as shown in the video) or any charm pack you like!

To watch this new Quilt Snips Video and get the supplies you need to make a Tumbler block, click HERE and Happy Quilting!

New Friday Tutorial: The Sashed Tumbler Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

I love how this tumbler pattern is completely transformed with just a little sashing!

During the 17th century, a tumbler was a round-bottomed drinking cup. Now, I’m no cup expert, but that seems like an awfully inefficient design. I mean, what if poor Willoughby needed to set down his drink to grab a second serving of ox tongue soup? Would not his cup of ale tumble over and stain his beautiful new breeches? Thank goodness for the genius who invented flat-bottomed tumblers!

Today’s new tutorial, The Sashed Tumbler Quilt, is a beautiful tumbler design (flat-bottomed, of course.) It’s quick and easy, and a simple strip of sashing takes these blocks from “meh” to “wowowow!!!”

Make a Sashed Tumbler Quilt with Jenny Doan in her YouTube Tutorial!

Make a Sashed Tumbler Quilt! Full Step by Step Video Tutorial!

Click on the button below to learn how to make your own Sashed Tumbler Quilt and to get all the supplies needed!

Watch the Sashed Tumbler Tutorial!

Tumbler Chevron Quilt Tutorial

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

tumbler chevron tutorial blog

This week’s tutorial is just in time for our Independence Day celebrations!  Isn’t this fabric so beautiful?  It’s Nancy Gere’s Let Freedom Ring Charm Pack for Windham Fabrics!  Jenny Doan will teach you how to make your own Tumbler Chevron Quilt with her usual easy-to-follow instructions.  Here’s a summary of the measurements and supplies you’ll need:


If you try this one out, remember to post your photos on Quiltsby.me!

tumbler chevron quilt by jenny doan

Click on the button below to watch the video and find everything you’ll need to get started!

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Valentines Party! {show and tell}

Look at all these great Valentines inspired projects you’ve been working on!!

Barbara sent this to us! Love it!
I think this Northcote Range fabric, by Cabbages and Roses is very romantic.



This quilt and accessories are AWESOME!   In Jean’s email she said that she was inspired from the heart block video, and put this together!!

I absolutley love it!

I’m so glad you all shared!!

Do you have any specific Valentines day traditions?  Or things that make it memorable for you?  Growing up, my Dad always gave us each a little heart with chocolates, and we felt so special.  (he still gives us our own boxes of chocolates.  Such a sweet guy!)

As a Mom, i had to come up with something to do, that included everyone and would be the least painful. (as far as putting it together, and making everyone happy) LOL.

 So, I came up with one dinner I could make that ALL my kids would eat (without complaining.)

With 5 kids, that is a tough bill!  That is when I started the traditional Valentines dinner of French Toast.  (I make a few, stuffed french toasts, mmm) and the rest plain.  You see, I wanted to have a nice dinner and be able to express love to each other, with no whining!

The first time we started this, I think we only had three kids.  I had each one of them go around the table and tell one thing about each member of the family that they loved.  It is truly the sweetest thing.  They were all crying by the time it was over, because they realized how much they loved each other.  Such sweet moments, I hope I never forget.  I look forward to it every year, and it’s kind of fun to have our own little tradition.

If you have a chance to comment, I’d love to hear what you do with your family.

If you haven’t today, tell someone you love them.  There is never a bad time to say those words.

Come back tomorrow, I have one more absolutely adorable wall hanging to share.


Show and Tell

Our Friend Shirley emailed Mom {Jenny} these beautiful pictures of the quilts she’s been busy sewing!

Take a look at her amazing work!

This one is called ‘Blue Lucky Stars’

LOVE this ‘half-hex’ quilt!
This one is called ‘the Purple Friendship Braid’ Just gorgeous!
What a beautiful rail-fence!
Sweet baby Tumbler quilt!!
Lovely X’s and O’s! Simply beautiful! This one is Shirley’s favorite! (she told me!)
Last but not least is this amazing coins quilt! Aren’t the colors so soothing! LOVE it!

We have been spoiled by Shirley and her amazing work!  I so appreciate that you all take the time to send me your pictures so we can all enjoy what you’ve been sewing!  I really can’t think of anything more enjoyable than Show and tell!!

Just so you know, the kids all made it to school with very little trauma!  (I was even able to hold off tears, if you can believe that!)  It is strangely quiet at my house today, and I am hoping for some major productivity!  I even plan on baking some cookies made for the kids!  Hope you are all having a great week!  I’m looking forward to the weekend, ready for anything!!  🙂


PS.  So sorry to those who have had or are still having Internet issues.  We have been unable to find a reason for them.  Every test that can be run has been, and everything checks out.  We will continue to search for answers and we apologize for the inconvenience you may have experienced!