Stars and Strips! And yummy Tonga Treats!

I know!  Isn’t this just darling!?  If quilts could talk, this one is saying “Hey, I’m summer and bright and happy! What are you?”  {ok, does that make me a little crazy?  Actually writing up a conversation a quilt would have. I know it sounds strange, but my quilts really do talk .}

I LOVE this line of fabric (Lollipop) we got from Timeless Treasure!  It is called a Tonga treat.  {same exact cut as a jelly roll. 2 1/2 inch strips. It’s just not pinked.}  Anyway, the batiks that Timeless Treasures put out are fabulous!  I love them.  I could ‘pet’ them all day and not get tired of it. Ha-ha!  {I know a few of you out there know what I mean!!}   We have two different color-ways (with more coming in) and it’s like my children….I just can’t pick a favorite!  See them here and you’ll know what I’m talking about!

For this specific quilt we used a pattern from  Atkinson Designs {love her patterns} called ‘Stars and Strips’!  The pattern was great and the quilt went together fast!

Doesn’t it just look darling in the Shop!?!?  Come on in and see it for yourself!  And if you can’t make it in, just think of this post as your own little show and tell!  🙂

I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  Make Monday the best and get some quilting done!

See you soon, Sarah