Make and Take Saturday….

Come to the Shop to make these adorable tasket baskets!! We have the exclusive pattern from the Sewing Circle and the designer will be here herself to teach the class. The fee will be $10.00 And you will get ALL the materials to make two baskets and the pattern. You don’t even have to bring your machine. How cute will these baskets be filled with chocolate?? (you talked me into it….I will have chocolate there too!)

Let me know if you want me to save you a spot.

Oh my….and Mrs Lolly has done it again….two days in a row. She put another embroidery project up and a picture of my project. I am still blushing. Thanks Loll’s you’re a sweetheart.
All right Ladies (& Gents) enjoy your day. Have a good one.


ps. if you are really nice and sweet I just might show you a sneak peak of our yummy new fabric we just got in!!

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Livin’ it up Lolly Chops Style…..

Lolly is a SWEETHEART who has an awesome blog and does tons of free downloads and ideas……She is an amazing artist and has a fun blog to follow. This week she is featuring embroidery on her blog…..ALL WEEK. That means new patterns, new techniques, and just some general good times over there! So go give Lolly some virtual hugs and tell her I sent ya…..she will soon be your new best friend! (she is mine!:)

Have I mentioned that something incredibly huge is going down lately?? Like BIG…..giant….awesome stuff you won’t want to miss? Keep checking back with me girls……there may be a giveaway involved!! (just saying)

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New stuff….crazy stuff….our stuff…..

Hey all you people out there! So sorry to be neglecting the blogging like I have….I am working on it and am confident that I will completely impress you with all the crazy things we have been up to!!:)

Man life is crazy…. SO, the newest thing besides all of our classes and blocks of the month starting up is that Mom broke her leg!! I am serious. Yup, it is totally broken. So, we are all suffering from some major shock and reorganizing a few things, but all in all it will work out. Cause basically, that’s how we roll. We laugh, we cry, we get headaches (true), then we move on! šŸ™‚

I really do have a million things I want to share with you, but it will have to wait a little longer. Big surprises coming up….so be patient and keep checking back. It’s gonna be big. For real.

No, seriously…I’m not kidding. BIG.

Friday night Sew….

The first Friday of the month is our late night sew….You can come in, bring any project you are working on, and a snack to share and sew as long as you want to!! We had over 10 ladies that came in and we had a blast! We didn’t get out of there, until after midnight! Woohoo! WE have some crazy quilters! If you haven’t yet, please come join us…..I promise you’ll have fun. (plus, these ladies KNOW how to party. The food was awesome!!)

I have lots of new things to share with you coming up in the shop….. Stay tuned.

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New Years Eve Mystery Quilt…..

A group of 8 women got together at the Quilt Shop and participated with other quilters across the country and did a mystery quilt in a day! We waited for the clues that came out hourly and had a blast in the process. Of course there was food involved and some chocolate….. (I hear you can’t quilt without chocolate…..) We all had such a great time. It is a tradition we hope to continue in our shop. We have also been busy planning and brainstorming several new and exciting things. We will for sure keep you posted.

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