Motivational Monday Part 3

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog
Finished is Better Than Perfect Free Printable Download
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Jenny never makes mistakes. She is perfect in every way and never has a thread out of place in any of her quilts! She has definitely never accidentally turned part of a quilt block the wrong way.

Okay, none of that is true!

Jenny loves to say, “Finished is better than perfect!” and I have to say that I whole-heartedly agree! There is this wonderful feeling that comes over you when you finish a quilt, that you almost don’t even mind the imperfections and may even forget where they are eventually! Last Monday, we talked about how we need to be better about focusing on our own progress rather than demanding perfection from ourselves from the beginning. This phrase is definitely a part of that.

Celebrate the major accomplishment of finishing a quilt and don’t sweat the small stuff!