Some fun things around the web….

I thought today I would share with you all a few things I’ve seen around the Internet.  You know, the last minute Christmas ideas.  And of course just some random funnies as well!  We could all use a few more gift ideas, right.

Go here to check out a fun way to embellish tea towels.  (and if you need to buy any tea towels, you know we sell those in the shop! )  wink-wink.  {thank you Blue Cricket for the cute ideas via 2 little hooligans}

Go here for some cute napkin ring holders!  ADORABLE!  {thanks Tatertots and jello}

Our cute Carol shows us what she’s been up to here!  Great work Carol.

Moda Lissa had me laughing like crazy this morning!!  Was definitely ROFL and CGU.  I’m just glad I didn’t WTFA!  Haha!

I hope that this weekend you are able to finish all your ‘stuff’ so you can relax and enjoy next week!  🙂  We just love you all so much and appreciate the great customers FRIENDS that you’ve all become!

Well, I am off to try to get some gifts wrapped and hidden before my kids get home!  Have a great day!

Apron Tea Towel Pattern

Recently Mom got a great idea from one of our local gals around a quick and easy apron. You’re going to have to use your imagination a little bit here, but it so so so so easy! And it’s super cheap! Like $3 bucks if you have some scraps laying around for the pockets and straps, how awesome is that!!

The video is a little lengthy because there’s quite a few steps, but it should be really easy to follow along, or if you like the written word, we had a lot of ladies asking for it on the forums so we posted it there (Tea towel pattern on the forums) or go ahead and grab it right here –