Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial: Missouri Roads

Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial: Missouri Roads

Check out this Quilt Snips Mini Tutorial

Here is a fun little tutorial on how to make the Missouri Roads block using 5″ squares and some extra background fabric.
Here at MSQC we are all about quick and easy quilting tutorials, so we’ve taken your favorite tutorials and condensed them to give you a big dose of inspiration in a small bite. Check back every Friday for our regular Quilting Tutorials with Jenny Doan!

Watch the full Missouri Roads tutorial and get supplies HERE!

Just making it easier to shop for fabric here at the Missouri Star

Just making it easier to shop for fabric here at the Missouri Star

We had an idea, we get a bunch of calls from people trying to figure out what shade of a solid is the right fit for your project, and we’ve been thinking of how we can help you figure this out easier.  So we had an idea, what if we took a photo of each yardage next to a black and a white bolt so you can tell what shade of the color is your going to get, sort of give you a point of reference.  So we did a test run and wanted to see what you thought?  If you like it, we’ll do it for all of them, what do you think?


Bella Solids – 30’s Yellow


Bella Solids – Christmas Red


Bella Solids – Dusk Yardage


Bella Solids – Etchings Stone


Bella Solids Burgundy


Bella Solids – Fig Tree Wheat


Bella Solids – Horizon Blue

Bella Solids - Hyacinth

Bella Solids – Hyacinth


Bella Solids – Kiwi


Bella Solids – Pale Pink


Bella Solids Snow