Continued Progress on the Retreat Center at Missouri Star

Continued Progress on the Retreat Center at Missouri Star

Our construction family has been busy this week getting our sleep and sew retreat center ready for you!

outside of sleep and sew building

Side view of the building

painted doors and  wood

Cabinet doors being painted and tons of wood floor sitting in boxes!

wood floor

Sneak peek of the wood flooring! Love it!

retreat center room

One of the rooms upstairs. Love how bright it is!


Things are getting painted, the wood floor is being acclimated to the room downstairs, and we have carpet being installed! So exciting! This place is just itching to have you come visit!

Meanwhile across the street…

outside of other building


A few things are going on in this building:

seth overseeing

Mainly Seth checking up on the guys doing Sheetrock 🙂

sheetrock at the building across the street

Working hard

Insulation done, and Sheetrock going up. Don’t you love those old tin ceiling tiles? Can’t wait to show you more!



*To answer some previously asked questions, there is not an elevator in the retreat center 🙁 There are two rooms downstairs, but the rest are upstairs. The downstairs will be used for classes, etc.

Progress! on the Quilting Retreats

Progress! on the Quilting Retreats

Hello, Friends!

Remember how we said we have a lot of things in the process? Well, we are making progress on the retreat center! Here are just a few teaser pics:

Upstairs hallway

Upstairs hallway

coming down from upstairs

coming down from upstairs

stairs portrait

Can’t get enough of these stairs!

 stairs landscape

I’m also loving the little details:

doors for retreat

Some doors and that ceiling!

molding love

Molding love

What do you think? We can’t wait to share this new space with you! Stay tuned to see more next week!

We have a lot of things in the process…

We have a lot of things in the process…


We were in the KC Star Newspaper

So much is happening in our little neck of the woods!  Did you hear about our cool feature in the Kansas City Star?!?!  Holy smokes were we excited.  We got a picture on the front page even!  I asked Dad if in all his 17 years of working at the KC Star he ever thought he would be in a picture on the front page, he laughed and said not in his wildest dreams!  We were really just blown away by it all.


Sneak Peak Anyone? 🙂

Mom, Natalie and I have been working like crazy on our magazine deadline for the Christmas issue of Quilting Quickly.  ( yup, Christmas already!) We think you guys will love it! WE have filled it to the brim with gift ideas and fun projects to keep you busy all season!!


Getting ready to add the stone to the front!

Enough of that though….we are also working like crazy on the retreat center. Planning it out, and still in the process of construction!  I am picking out paint colors and flooring, doors and trim…you know, the exciting stuff!  🙂

Just FYI, if you want to be on a mailing list where we are sending special updates for the retreat center, make sure you’ve signed up for our retreat info email, we are just sending pics there right now, but eventually we’ll work on pricing and reservations and stuff through that list before we go public with it all. Click here to sign up