Table Topper….

round 2.


I have quite the thing for table toppers!  They are fast, easy and add so much to my house….with not a lot of effort!  We made this cute little thing…..I call it basket full of sunshine. However the patterns true name is “Baskets of Blessings”.  It is one of those great patterns that use only ONE charm pack.  It is the perfect size for the middle of my table with a vase of flowers to go on top!  This is a project you can make in a day.   If that doesn’t cure the “wintry-gray sky-ready for spring or I’m gonna kill someone” blues, I don’t know what will!  🙂  Get the charm (we used basket of flowers by Mary Engelbreit) and the pattern in the shop!  Quick, easy, cheap….AND straight  to your door.  Booyah!  That’s just how we do it around here!

Or don’t.  No biggie.  I won’t be able to guarantee that you will get rid of the blues however.  🙂  Just saying.

Have a good one!

Sew nice to meet you….

We have had a wonderful day here at MSQC…..we started the morning off by having our Applique Class and our shop has been buzzing with activity ever since.  I am so impressed with all of the things/projects that are keeping you all busy this winter and love, love, LOVE to see them!  (So keep on sharing….either bring them in or upload pics in the forum)

I know many of you are new to quilting and we want you to feel at home and comfortable here.  *a little secret….So am I.  (new to quilting, that is)  Shhh..  I have been around quilting my WHOLE life, (or sewing for that matter) and I was “the” daughter that hated sewing NEVER thought I would like this.

“Hey Ma, look at me now”, I scream.  I can’t get enough!!!  Fabric won me over, that’s for sure….If they didn’t have so many amazing fabric designers, I wouldn’t have given up my teenage rebellion quite so easily.  🙂  But Heather Bailey…Anna Maria Horner…Sandi Henderson…Lila Tueller…(just to name a few)  Did me in!!

Much to my Mom’s delight we opened a quilt shop.  I really thought I would just be the brains….Nope.  I got sucked into the fabric industries paws, and I am hooked!

So, really ladies….that is why we are here.  1.  because I am a sucker and can’t get enough and 2. we want to share EVERYTHING we know (in my case isn’t much) but Mom knows alot!!  and 3rd….DUH,you are SO gonna get sucked into it too!

Don’t be shy.  Join us in the online community, let’s sit down and chit chat…..this really is gonna be fun.  Tell us what you want more of.  What you can’t stand…..what you can’t get enough of….you know, just some good old girl talk about the hobby we all love.!!

Can’t wait to see you, here.

XOXO, Sarah