New Friday Tutorial: The Sashed Tumbler Quilt

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I love how this tumbler pattern is completely transformed with just a little sashing!

During the 17th century, a tumbler was a round-bottomed drinking cup. Now, I’m no cup expert, but that seems like an awfully inefficient design. I mean, what if poor Willoughby needed to set down his drink to grab a second serving of ox tongue soup? Would not his cup of ale tumble over and stain his beautiful new breeches? Thank goodness for the genius who invented flat-bottomed tumblers!

Today’s new tutorial, The Sashed Tumbler Quilt, is a beautiful tumbler design (flat-bottomed, of course.) It’s quick and easy, and a simple strip of sashing takes these blocks from “meh” to “wowowow!!!”

Make a Sashed Tumbler Quilt with Jenny Doan in her YouTube Tutorial!

Make a Sashed Tumbler Quilt! Full Step by Step Video Tutorial!

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Watch the Sashed Tumbler Tutorial!