Show and Tell…Quilts made by YOU

Over a year ago I spoke with Carolyn on the phone.  I tried to help her make her first quilt with a few suggestions and such.  I received an email from her with pictures of the quilt she made and I couldn’t be more thrilled to share it with you!

Here is the email I received from her:

Hi Sarah,

As you can see from the date of your message to me (2/5/10), you helped me by answering some questions I had about making my first quilt!  I had bought some charm packs of California Dreamin’ from your store and wanted to make a quilt for my sister’s birthday.  You were kind enough to answer some of my questions over the phone, and then you sent me two pictures as suggestions of what I could do with the charm packs.

I am proud and excited to tell you that I finally finished the quilt!!  I really wanted to show you what I did.  (I think two of the pictures are sideways but I don’t know how to rotate them on here!)  I added a white border around the charm square and then alternated a pink or green border around that.  I also had bought material for the backing before I really knew what I was doing.  When it was time to do the back, I found out it was only 42″ wide and the quilt was 54″ wide.  So I had to make a border around the backing.

I also tried to stipple the quilt.  I had taken a class on free motion quilting, but hadn’t been practicing.  So, 30 minutes of stippling one section, ended up being 3 DAYS of ripping it out!!  I then went with the grid pattern.  I used 1″ painters tape and followed the line.  After about 5 rows of that, I thought 1″ was too small so I ripped THAT out and used the 1.5″ tape.  I used variegated quilting thread that matched the colors perfectly.  My other sister noticed that right away which made me happy!   I had no idea the quilting part would be so time consuming!

I made my own binding and followed your tutorial and that went fine.  I also made a label with my embroidery machine.  (I’m also new to that so it wasn’t the best!)

I presented it to my sister this weekend and she absolutely loved it!  It was only one year, one month and a few weeks passed her birthday!

So THANK YOU so much for all your help and guidance.  Your encouragement help give me courage to finish my very first quilt!!



I can NOT even express how much it means to us, to hear back from you all.  The stories, successes and failures {which always turn out to be  successes too}  are what keeps us going.  We appreciate all of you.  You are the reason why we are doing what we are doing.

Have  a wonderful day.


Quilts made by: You {of course} Show and Tell

I am excited for show and tell this week!  Teresa emailed me these pictures of quilts she made from some of our tutorials.

Look at that sweet disappearing nine patch!    Go here for a tutorial. Such a fun and easy block to make!  I just love it.  Honestly, I have NEVER seen a DP9 quilt I didn’t like.  Teresa used City Weekend charm packs and Moda Bella Solid white charm packs too!  {the white charm packs are still out of stock…but will be back soon.}

The Next quilt she made was also using City Weekend , this tutorial and these awesome tools. How great, right!!

Last but certainly NOT least is this beauty using Civil War Home front  fabric, by Barbara Brackman.  She said she used a pack of turnovers for the border and fat quarters for the center blocks.

Thank you Teresa for sharing your quilts with all of us!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday.



Quilts made by:YOU!

I  got this email from Carol of TWO of the quilts she’s just finished!  {I love getting pics in my email}  It makes me happy to see your finished projects and see what your working on!

Carol made this quilt one using this tutorial for the idea {then she made five sections of braid and decided from there how she wanted it to look}, a Prayer Flag Jelly roll and a binding tool.  {for her shashing, she used Bella solid golden wheat)

Isn’t it lovely?  I just love how that Wheat color makes all the other colors in the quilt POP!

This next one she used one charm pack {Sweethearts from Benartex} and a Kona Classic Jelly roll to sash around each 5″ square!

I love it!

Thanks so much for sharing your finished quilts with us Carol!

We love them!


More to come on our ‘Progress’

Have a great Wednesday!