The Canyon Quilter

So I found an awesome video done by Megan Leigh Sweeney about Colorado’s “Canyon Quilters”  I don’t really have anything amazing to say, but I watched this and was just kept having cool ideas of things to do with our local ladies, and even our forum gals.  The laughs and fun topics and service documented in the video all reminded me of why I fell in love with quilting in the beginning.  It’s not the fabric or the hours spent picking out stitches, it’s you all, the late nights, the inside jokes, you are the reason I love this business.  It’s funny too, as you watch this I promise you’ll be reminded of some friend you’ve made along the way.  I’d love to hear what you were reminded of while watching this, so take a minute to send a note to someone who has made you’re quilting ‘career’ better or more fun.  PASS IT ON!!

The Canyon Quilters from Megan Leigh Sweeney on Vimeo.