Loyalty Pays … Literally

Introducing Quilter’s Cash

Howdy Quilter’s! It is with great pleasure and excitement that we introduce a program that has been long in the works. Drum roll please …

Ladies and gentlemen, boy and girls, I am pleased to announce Quilter’s Cash!

So let’s get right down to the nitty gritty. Quilter’s Cash is MSQC’s way of saying “thank you” for being a loyal customer. Up until now, shopping with us meant great deals, awesome shipping rates and fun times, but Quilter’s Cash means all of that PLUS amazing rewards for shopping with us!

What is Quilter’s Cash?

  • You earn Quilter’s Cash on every item (including the Daily Deal) you purchase online at our shop.
  • You can redeem Quilter’s Cash on any item in the shop.
  • Just like real cash, 1 point = 1 cent. So if a purchase earns you 417 points, you have earned $4.17 cents in Quilter’s Cash.

How specifically is Quilter’s Cash earned?

  • Every item (except for the Daily Deal) will earn you 3% of the purchase price in Quilter’s Cash.
  • Daily Deals will earn you 1% back in Quilter’s Cash.
  • Many items will have bonus points on them, meaning you will get the usual 3% PLUS additional Quilter’s Cash!
  • Even though you don’t need to log in to buy products on our site (you can do it as a guest), you WILL need to log in to both earn and redeem points.

A simple rewards program with few restrictions:

  • Unlike many other rewards programs, there is no minimum point balance required to redeem; you can use your Quilter’s Cash on your very next order no matter how small or large your points balance is.
  • It’s called Quilter’s Cash because we actually treat it like cash. You can spend it on whatever products you want, even daily deals.  Quilter’s Cash, however, cannot be used against shipping costs. The normal $5 flat shipping rate, or free shipping on orders over $100 applies (as well as Canadian and International shipping rates).
  • Since every point is worth a cent, it’s super easy to figure out how much Quilter’s Cash you have, unlike some rewards programs where you practically need a PhD to figure out how much your points are actually worth!

How to use your reward points:

  • On the Shopping Cart page you can slide the bar in the “Spend Your Points” section (you must be logged in to do this) to choose how many of your points you would like to spend (you will obviously not have any points until you make your first purchase, so you may not see this right away).
  • Once you’ve made your selection, you will see that the points have been applied in the in box to the right as a “discount” on your order. You may use your points to reduce your order cost. If you reduce your cost right down to $0.00,  any remaining unused points will be yours to use on future orders 🙂
  • Next proceed to Check Out and pay the applicable shipping.
  • To check your points balance at any time you must first log in.  Once logged in, at the top right corner of any of any shopping page click on “My Account”.  Along the right hand column under the “My Account” section, click on “My Points and Rewards”.  Here you will find your Quilter’s Cash balance further detail on how you have earned and redeemed points.

And that’s all she wrote folks. It’s as easy and simple as that. Again, we’d like to thank all of you for your continual support of our shop.  Enjoy the rewards of your loyalty.  Happy Quilting!