January 2020 Quilt Planner Download

Most of us quilters probably had a very similar new year’s resolution – create more. Recently, we’ve laid out the steps in helping us reach our creative goals this year:

  1. Get organized.
  2. Stock up on essential tools & basics.
  3. Plan for big events.
  4. Make planning simple with monthly programs and planners.

Each month, we will release a new printable download to help you stay on course! Get started by downloading the planner for month one below:


What’s something you want to try this year?

September Printables – Quilt Party Printables!

Well, it’s that time of year! It’s officially September and we’re all looking for an excuse to have a party with apple cider and pumpkin bread. Okay, well I am!

We love being able to bring quilty printables to you each month. Make sure to download your September calendar and some organizational printables!

But that’s not all! For September, we wanted to do something a little different! Did you know that in September we celebrate MSQC’s Annual Birthday Bash? This year our company is turning 8 years old, so what are we going to do? We’re going to party and we want you to not only be a part of it, but provide you with the things you need to have your own Quilty Party! Click on the links below to download all of these fun Free Quilt Party Printables!

Free Quilt Party Printables from Missouri Star Quilt Co!




Motivational Monday – Friends are Like Fabric!

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog

Free Printable: Friends are like Fabric. You can never have enough!

Click on the image above to download this printable poster!

Friends are like fabric. You can never have enough! Okay, so maybe we should add that as much as we love fabric, it should not replace our friends! Just put the two together and you can quilt and shop for fabric WITH your friends! 🙂 Get this week’s printable and display it in your sewing room as a reminder that you can sew with friends! And take them with you to buy some new fabric because you really never can have enough! 😀