June 2016 Planning Printables!

May has come and gone and so has the beginning of Spring. Is it just me or does time seem to fly by when the weather is nice? That means that the season of Spring Cleaning is almost gone, but I’m not about to give up on getting organized. Especially when it comes to my sewing space and fabric stash! They’re always a work in progress (like mos of my quilts). Luckily these Free MSQC Planning Printables make getting organized easy and cute!

Count down the number of days you have left to sew in June with this Monthly Calendar. It looks adorable hanging on the wall too!

Quilting Calendar Printable June
Click on the Image to Download Your June Calendar Printable!

Stay on task with this Weekly To-Do list. It’s great for quilting projects and anything else you have going on that week!

Weekly To-Do List - June
Click on the Image to Download this Weekly To-Do List!

Finally, browse through that stash (or purchase new fabric) for your future projects. This list is great for remembering what you want to use certain fabrics for!

Fabric Stash List - June
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Introducing Planning Printables!

If you’re like me, you probably have post-it notes stuck to every surface in your sewing room, so you remember to do all of the important quilty things in your head. Spring is the perfect time to delete those browser tabs, clean out your closets and inventory your fabric stash (the best part of Spring Cleaning if you ask me)! So again, if you’re like me, you could probably benefit from a little bit of organization help! That’s where today’s post comes in! We’re introducing a new blog series, called Planning Printables! It’s just like it sounds! At the end of each month, we’ll provide a calendar printable for the upcoming month and a printable or two to help you stay organized in your quilty world! Bonus: They’re super cute too!!

Quilting Calendar Printable May
Click on the Image to Download Your May Calendar Printable!

Whether you’ve got some big daily goals or you’re just trying to #makesomethingtoday (every day), we hope you find this weekly calendar helpful!

Quilting Weekly Calendar Organization
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Keep track of your stash and your projects with these handy list printables!

Fabric Stash and Project Lists
Click on the Image to Download Your Lists!