We’re all about projects!

And because fabric can be used for lot’s of things besides quilting (although nothing BETTER) I thought I’d share my most recent project. I give you the Tale of the Kitchen Chairs.

BEFORE: Sad, I know. Poor old chairs with lots of hope for the future. It wasn’t your choice to be upholstered in the ugliest gold fabric known to man. You just had to take it. “But look at me! I’ve got character… I deserve more!” you cry. And luckily those cries were heard.100_2777

AFTER: This is you now, in all the glory you so rightfully deserve!


Let’s be honest. With a little Heather Bailey fabric and A LOT of red spray paint, any old thing can look new! See… I did my WHOLE TABLE!


* I covered the fabric in clear vinyl to keep it looking pretty and easy to clean. This whole project including spray paint from the whole dang thing came in at less than $50. Now, if your chairs are prettier to begin with, imagine what a new cushion could do! Check out our Fabric by the Yard and go make something better!