Meet Annette Ashbach, a Missouri Star Academy Instructor

Missouri Star Academy is all about providing education and empowering you to create. From weekly tutorials to online in-depth classes, events and even classes held here in Hamilton, MO at our Education Center where there is something for everyone!

Annette Ashbach is one of our Education Center instructors and she teaches many things ranging from making full quilt tops to smaller projects like aprons and totes!

Meet Annette Ashbach, a Missouri Star Academy Instructor

Annette first found interest in sewing after she became fascinated with watching her grandmother’s hand-stitching and embroidery techniques. Her love for sewing continued as she grew up watching her mother create costumes and dance uniforms on the sewing machine. Today, Annette has been quilting on and off for about forty-five years and teaching for the last twelve.

Meet Annette Ashbach, a Missouri Star Academy Instructor

Annette has a very diverse taste in fabrics. She adores anything wool, but also enjoys batiks. She has a soft spot for appliqué and is always up for a challenging pattern!

Take a peek at our Education Center Class Schedule and sign up to learn something fun with Annette!

“Don’t be afraid to try something new… It’s just fabric! Have fun and be creative! That’s all there is to it.” she says.

Annette Ashbach

Fabric Friday!

Happy Friday!

So whose ready for the school year to start? Did you remember to pack your Frixon pen, scissors, rotary blade with an extra blade, ruler, spinning mat and pattern books? And for lunch don’t forget a sweet treat, perhaps a honey bun, jelly roll or a turnover?

OMG! What am saying!?!?


1. Back to Charm School Softcover Book 2. Type Layer Cake 3. ABC 123 Games Green Yardage

4. Thankfully Sew School Days Pattern 5. Quilter’s 4 Pack 6. Pretty Sporty Soccer Yardage

7. Type Paperclips Grey Yardage 8. Bake Sale Jelly Roll

Don’t forget to watch Jenny’s Merry Go Round Quilt! But try not to get dizzy!

Merry go round

Have a great day!


America the Beautiful…

Mom has been busy as a bee, whipping out quilts left and right!  We are continuing to get more and more new patterns in the shop {that we ordered from Quilt Market} daily and have been keeping the sewing machines running on FULL BLAST!

When we met Karen Bennet (and her family) at Market, we couldn’t have been more thrilled with her patterns.  She is a sweetheart and if you haven’t sewn with one of her patterns yet, you are surely missing out!  The pattern I am going to show you today is called ‘Freedom’ and it is darling!  It has 3 different projects to make in it and goes together so {sew} fast using Jelly roll strips and iron on applique.  We cut up some kits for this quilt, because it is just that darling!

Perfect for the Holiday coming up, to give as a hostess gift, use as a table topper, a picnic blanket or hanging as a decoration!

We do have a few kits left if you want to call the Shop and one of the girls will add one to your order!  {1-888-571-1122}

The next “patriotic” themed quilt project I wanted to show you is from one of our Local Ladies {and if you went on the bus trip, you’d know her. She was the bus trip coordinator} Carolyn and her Sister formed a company called ‘In Stitches’ and they love the Charm Packs as much as we do!  Here is her adorable and very versatile pattern called ‘Star Lit USA’

If you notice, we have two made up…One in Patriotic colors and one in Christmas colors!  Don’t limit yourself to those two holidays either.  This pattern in one of my favorites, just because it is great with any color combo or style of fabric.  Think about how cute it would be in batiks.  {okay, so I DO have a thing for stars}

Have a wonderful weekend enjoying yourself wherever you are.  Take a moment to give thanks for our Freedom.  I for one am beyond grateful to live in this beautiful Country.

God Bless the USA!

PS.  We are having the most fun ‘Patriotic Parade’ on facebook!  Please join us by sharing your project there!

A quilt for the School….

My first experience at Market was INSANE…..but one thing I remember (really, a lot of it was a blur!!)  was an adorable quilt made by Barbara.  You know, the ‘Quilt Soup’ Lady!  She was so kind to us and we chatted away with her, and I just had to have the pattern for the quilt called “Bad Dad.”  She told us the story behind it and i was just smitten by it.  I have children in Elementary School, and our community had just broken ground on our new Elementary building.  The timing couldn’t have been better.


So away we went….got home and got to work on this little number we are donating to our Brand New Elementary School.  We couldn’t be prouder of our community.  We appreciate all of our teachers and students for all the hard work they do.  Rumor has it they are planning on hanging it in the office!  (I can’t wait to see it up.)  Honestly, this quilt was hard for me to give up…..I love the ‘Recess’ line (Sandy Klop is a genius) and I just thought it was so darling…..I so hope they enjoy it (like I would if it was gracing the walls of my house!) hehehe, Okay…I’ll quit whining~


Piece out Ladies…..(teheheheh, get it!?!?)  😉


Oh and one more thing….we are SO busy this week…, seriously heads might explode and everything.  But, I am going to give you updates on all of our Quilt show preparations, and booth set up.  Yeah, I am gonna be that annoying one with the camera.  (hey, whatever helps get me out of all that hard labor.)  🙂

Broken… But still BUSY!

It’s been awhile! My leg is still broken, but I’m not letting that stop me. I’ve been keeping busy with lots of projects. Here are some pictures of just a few of them.

The baskets are part of the Bunny Hill applique Block of the Month series. Aren’t they darling?! I’ve also been working on the Kansas City Star Block of the Month. (top left) The picture on the bottom left is a new charm pack pattern we got in called “Poppy Day” by Pieces from my Heart. I made mine with a Sweet by Urban Chiks charm pack.