New stuff….crazy stuff….our stuff…..

Hey all you people out there! So sorry to be neglecting the blogging like I have….I am working on it and am confident that I will completely impress you with all the crazy things we have been up to!!:)

Man life is crazy…. SO, the newest thing besides all of our classes and blocks of the month starting up is that Mom broke her leg!! I am serious. Yup, it is totally broken. So, we are all suffering from some major shock and reorganizing a few things, but all in all it will work out. Cause basically, that’s how we roll. We laugh, we cry, we get headaches (true), then we move on! 🙂

I really do have a million things I want to share with you, but it will have to wait a little longer. Big surprises coming up….so be patient and keep checking back. It’s gonna be big. For real.

No, seriously…I’m not kidding. BIG.