New Friday Tutorial: The Sparkle Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

I Can't Wait to Make this Beautiful Sparkle Quilt with Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt Company!

We live in a culture obsessed with youth. Everywhere I look I’m bombarded with advertisements to plump this, tuck that, camouflage, conceal, and reverse all signs of aging. But I’ve got a secret. Sometimes getting older is awesome. Super awesome.

I still remember the moment I discovered my first gray hair. I had been dreading that day my entire adult life, but as I stared at that colorless strand, I noticed how it sparkled in the sunlight. I kid you not, my hair was sparkling like a magical fairy princess! Sparkling!


I’ve yet to meet a person who doesn’t enjoy a good sparkle, and whether or not you’re a fan of silver hair, I know you’re going to fall head over heels for today’s new tutorial, the Sparkle Quilt! Here’s what you need to make this beautiful quilt!

Spring-Rain (1)

Click on the button to watch the tutorial and get the supplies you need to make your very own Sparkle Quilt because we all need a little sparkle in our lives!

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