How could I!?!?!?

Forget to mention that in the forums we are giving away a HONEY BUN!??!?!?!  Yes, I know…I should have told you sooner.

Neptune Honey Bun
Neptune Honey Bun

Don’t worry though, you still have plenty of time to enter.  Just hop on over to the forums answer our little question and BOOM you are entered to win!  Easy as pie! (er, honey bun)  🙂

Oh and did you know the honey bun is Neptune, by Tula Pink!?!?  I mean really….who doesn’t want a honey bun by Miss Tula!!?  (her designs are awesome!)

Go on now….get over there and chat it up with us! It is SO fun to hang out and talk with other ladies that have SO much in common!!

Good luck, I hope you win!  🙂   (ya, you!)