Look at all those packages!

Look at all that mail! Isn’t it beautiful! Aren’t our shippers rockstars? We built a mountain of mail when the post office was closed on Monday. Don’t you just want to jump on it, like you did with the leaf pile when you were a kid?



Have a great day!


Behind the Scenes at Missouri Star: Meet our Employees

We thought it would be fun for you to meet our employees! So, say, “Hello” to Ammon. He’s our Warehouse Manager.

meet ammon-warehouse managaer

His favorite things are his wife, his kids, junk food, Dr. Pepper, and movies (oh, and his job at MSQC!). Ammon was born in British Columbia and has lived in Missouri for 30 years. We love having him work for us! Let us know; what do you want to know about our employees?