Behind the Scenes at Missouri Star: Customer Service FAQs

This is Lindsey. She is one of our awesome ladies in the customer service department. She has never sewn in her life, but she just got this super darling, vintage sewing machine from her grandma. We had to show them off! They look great together šŸ˜‰

lindsey with vintage sewing machine

Speaking of customer service, the ladies in the department (Lindsey, Andrea, Jean, Becky, and Simone–don’t worry, you’ll meet them later)Ā are sharing their secrets with us! (oooooh!)

The first secret is that changes have been made in the checkout system. If you need to remove an item from your cart (sad face) an “X” will appear above the item. Just click on that “X” and the item will be removed. Easy peasy!

Secondly, quilter’s cash prints have been moved to the last page of the checkout process. You will find this on the “Review Order” page on the right side of the page. Don’t worry, the slider bar still works the same as it always has!

For our new friends (hello, by the way!) the Daily DealĀ is limited to one per customer, but daily and weekly specials are unlimited!

These awesome ladies do their best to call everyone that leaves a voice-mail back on the same day, but sometimes it may take a day or two depending on the amount of calls they receive.

You can find answers to more FAQs here!