Fat Quarter Friday

Hey everyone this is Hillary! And I’m resurrecting “Lose the Fat Quarter!” The Missouri Star Quilt Company girls were doing this in the shop once a week recently to help all us girls who like to sit and sew… get our tushies moving!! We got to work hard to lose weight and then one lucky girl got to take home a pile of fat quarters!!

Fabric Fat Quarter Bundle

Well, when mom broke her leg there were a few things that kinda stopped in their tracks and that was one of them 🙁 it just became to much.
I don’t know about you, but, I hate to lose momentum and I love having a group to talk to and keep me motivated while I’m trying to lose weight. That means…. (drum roll please) I’m starting an online group!! Woohoo! 😀 It’s gonna be fun! There won’t be a pile of fat quarters to take home but maybe we can work on dropping a few more of our own “fat quarters” until the shop is ready to restart the class & probably after that.
I know we all have our own personal goals

but…. for me…. my starting weight is ____

You thought I was going to tell didn’t you 🙂

Heck no! but I’ll probably tell you each week as I weigh in if I’ve lost weight and you can post about how you’re doing in the comments or in the Lose The Fat Quarter forum group under the General Discussion section (the forum is under the Community tab up top:) ). I will say that my ultimate goal is probably where some people are just starting. But hey I’m gonna look GOOD when I get there 🙂


15 minutes of Cardio, 15 minutes of weights, an hour of talking myself into it.

My thoughts for this week are about motivation.

One of the big thing’s in exercise is motivation. In order to keep going we have to have some form of motivation.
It can be something physical, like a dress, swimsuit, or a picture of yourself from where you once were and want to be again or…. maybe you’ve never been there and it’s your head stuck on someone else’s body :D.

Motivation could be more emotional as well, maybe you want to lose weight so it’s not so hard to get around, maybe it’s for your kids or spouse. Whatever it is exercise is so much easier when we have that motivation fresh in our minds.

I’ve recently challenged myself to run a 5k this spring

Aaaah!! What am I thinking?? I know!
So, I’ve been pulling out the motivational swimsuit, my spouse is helping too 😆 , so I can be ready for this and get moving to lose some serious weight!

So far I’ve been running 3 days this week and biking on Tues… I skipped Thurs…. shh! But frankly, I’d forgotten how stinking hard it is to haul myself at a run around the block even 2-3 times much less a mile or 3. Right now it’s more of a jog…. or a walk and jog combo, with lots of walking, but still!It’s hard OK!

I know you all understand so my thought’s for today on our weight loss journey is MOTIVATION!
Find some, pull it out, right a letter to yourself or you kids.  Hide it if you want to, or stick it in your purse it’s really for you anyway, but,
get out your motivation and let’s get moving!