Motivational Monday: Happiness is a Full Bobbin

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog
Free Motivational Monday Printable
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Happy Motivational Monday! There’s something about a fresh start to the week and a full bobbin that brings joy and excitement to a quilter, am I right? When your bobbin is full, the possibilities are endless. Plan out your next big quilt and get started or make some scrap buster projects. Click on the image above to download this FREE Printable and hang it in your sewing space as a reminder that you can do anything you set your mind to with a full bobbin! 🙂

Find some quilt inspiration HERE.

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Motivational Monday Free Printable: Part 2

Motivational Monday on the MSQC Blog
Strive for Progress not Perfection! | Free Art Printable Download
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As a quilter, I often find myself looking to other quilts for inspiration. There are so many amazing quilts being made every single day (check out our #msqcshowandtell on Instagram for some excellent examples), so between that and weekly MSQC Tutorials, it’s pretty easy to come up with a long quilting bucket list, meticulously prioritized by how excited I am to try out a pattern.

The part that kind of sneaks up on you is that it’s also easy to go to those same sources of inspiration and then compare your quilt to theirs. Maybe your points aren’t as pointy or your squares don’t line up as perfectly as theirs. I’m here to tell you that it’s okay! Don’t compare your work to that of a professional quilter. You are on your own quilting journey! Your latest quilt is probably a little bit better than the last one or maybe you’re more confident to try slightly more difficult patterns. Wherever you are on your quilting journey today, decide to BE HAPPY with the progress you’ve made since your first quilt!

So, enjoy your quilting journey and take the time to celebrate successes. While you’re at it, click on the image above to download your own copy of this adorable word art, so you can print and display it in your sewing room! We hope you can display this printable somewhere that will help you remember how good life is when you  make time for quilting! Happy Motivational Monday and Happy National Quilting Week! #makesomethingtoday



I have been a fan of Vol.25 now for a while.  I love her artwork…I love that she combines art with words.  When she came out with this latest print, I knew I just had to have it!  So cute, and fits so perfectly in my life right now.

Continually moving is what I am doing… fingers are crossed that my theoretical bicycle is as cute as that one!!  🙂

So, what is keeping you moving these days?  What’s inspiring you?  What have you been doing all summer?  I’d love to hear.  Visit us in the Forums for a good ol’ chat!