The Search for Missouri’s Best Grandmothers – 2015

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As members of a small town in Missouri, we love finding opportunities to support other small towns in Missouri.  Have you ever heard of Marceline, Missouri?  Well, if you’re a Disney fan, you might know it’s the boyhood home of Walt Disney himself and this little town inspired many of his drawings and stories.  Because of this, The Magic of Marceline Development Company began, to preserve the charm and magic of Marceline, “immortalized by Walt Disney as ‘Main Street USA.'”

Marceline, Missouri 1950's
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We are so excited to be co-sponsors with The Magic of Marceline to find Missouri’s Best Grandmothers.  This is such a fun opportunity to recognize the women who have done so much to influence the lives of their children and grandchildren (which ultimately shapes the community) in a positive way.

Jenny is especially tickled to be a part of this wonderful event. Being a grandmother to 21 children (and many more honorary grandchildren) and having some incredible grandmothers herself, she understands the amazing power of a grandmother.  They are often the backbone to family traditions and get-togethers in times of chaos and busy schedules. Grandmas also teach us life skills that are irreplaceable. Whether it’s how to bake, sew, garden or even resolve conflicts, they are definitely some of the best teachers out there!

If your grandmother lives in Missouri and you think she might be the best, don’t miss your chance to enter her in this contest!  There is even a recognition gala/dinner and a cash prize!! You can find more details and enter the contest HERE.  The deadline to enter is July 20th! 🙂

Let’s all take a moment to show our grandmothers how much we love and appreciate them in our lives.  Leave a comment on this post answering the following questions: How has your grandmother influenced your life?  What’s something that she has taught you?  We’ve stocked up on our tissues and are prepared to laugh and cry! Don’t worry about us saps, we’re ready for your stories (we can’t wait)!

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