Town Square Quilt Tutorial

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Learn to create this darling Town Square Quilt!

The town square is a gathering place. Here in Hamilton, we get together at Thanksgiving time to light up the Christmas display and welcome Santa Claus to town. During the summer we enjoy movies under the stars. And every September we invite the whole world to join us for our annual Birthday Bash and JC Penney Days celebration. These traditions bring us together as a community; we become friends as well as neighbors. Of course, we always bring a quilt or two for coziness!


Jenny shows a great way to make this Town Square Quilt by using 18" Blocks!

Today Jenny is working on the Town Square quilt. This is a quick, easy pattern that is perfect for neighborhood adventures. Click HERE to watch the tutorial!

Diagram for the Town Square Quilt!

Click HERE for a free printable PDF of this quilt to have easy access to your supplies list.

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