Precut Tuesday!

Enchantment-Layer-Cake-by-Kathy-Davis-for-Westminster-Fibers-SKU#-FB610KD.ENCHAEnchantment for Free Spirit


 1. Designer Solids – Winter White  2. Bella Solids Lilac 3. Bella Solids – Tea Rose 4. Bella Solids – Clover


Eat Your Fruits n’ Veggies for Moda


 1. Designer Solids – Kiwi 2. Kona Cotton Solids – Turquoise  3. Bella Solids Orange 4. Bella Solids – Christmas Red



Snips and Snails for Riley Blake


 1.  Bella Solids – White Bleached 2. Bella Solids – Tranquil Aqua 3. Bella Solids – Lime 4. Bella Solids – Buttercup


Floral Gatherings for Moda

Floral-Gatherings1. Bella Solids – Terrain Cactus 2. Cotton Supreme Solids – Strawberry Red 3. Bella Solids – Tan

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Precut Tuesday!


Midwinter Reds for Moda


1. Bella Solids – Snow 2. Bella Solids – Fig Tree Wheat 3. Bella Solids – Tomato Soup 4. Bella Solids – Christmas Red



Everything but the Kitchen Sink for RJR Fabrics


 1. Bella Solids – Sunshine 2. Free Spirit – Red 3. Bella Solids Green Apple 4. Kona Cotton – Marine




Sunnyside for Moda


 1. Bella Solids – Gray 2. Bella Solids – Light Blue 3. Bella Solids – 30’s Yellow 4. Kona Cotton Solids – Tangerine







High Street for Moda


1. Bella Solids – Silver 2. Designer Solids – Hot Rose 3. Bella Solids – Leaf 4. Kona Cotton – Berry

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Fabric Friday!

Happy Friday!

So whose ready for the school year to start? Did you remember to pack your Frixon pen, scissors, rotary blade with an extra blade, ruler, spinning mat and pattern books? And for lunch don’t forget a sweet treat, perhaps a honey bun, jelly roll or a turnover?

OMG! What am saying!?!?


1. Back to Charm School Softcover Book 2. Type Layer Cake 3. ABC 123 Games Green Yardage

4. Thankfully Sew School Days Pattern 5. Quilter’s 4 Pack 6. Pretty Sporty Soccer Yardage

7. Type Paperclips Grey Yardage 8. Bake Sale Jelly Roll

Don’t forget to watch Jenny’s Merry Go Round Quilt! But try not to get dizzy!

Merry go round

Have a great day!


Circles are your friend….

For real!  Could this be any cuter?  Stripey-strip circles just might be my new favorite thing.   I know, I know.  I sound like an obnoxious adolescent that exclaims every song on the radio her favorite. (hey I can say that…I have one!)  🙂  I just get so excited about all the possibilities these pre-cuts give me!!  The convenience alone is enough to win me over! (See the original full tutorial after the jump)

Think of all the scraps you could use.   ( we all have them.  just admit it.)  We are considering starting a “Quilters Anonymous” for all of us fabric hoarders.   Hahaha!!  🙂  Who wants to be President?

Okay, seriously.  I want to mention a few things….Did you see us featured on the MODA BAKESHOP!??!?!  (not. even. kidding!)   We were thrilled.  (okay, okay….maybe more like ‘over the moon’-screaming-jumping up and down-excited) no, really.  You should have seen us.  🙂

Thank you Moda, for that.  We love your fabric and can’t get enough of the pre cuts!

If you haven’t already WHAT are you waiting for!??!?!!?  TRY a Jelly Roll, you won’t regret it!  {i pinkie swear}

Don’t forget to enter the  two giveaways we have going on right now….one in the forums (easy as ever to enter.  just leave a comment) and the Jelly roll one as well.   Only a few days left to enter!
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