More Jelly Roll ideas and deals!!

We are having a great time at Missouri Star Quilt Co today!!  Really, is there anything more fun than playing with fabric?  Especially Jelly Rolls!  A favorite pre-cut of mine.

A close second for me is checking out all of YOUR projects (quilts-bags-pillowcases-table toppers etc)  We are going to be showing off some of the pictures that have been shared with us all day today!

Sit back and enjoy!

Thanks Janiece for sending us the pictures of the 2 bags you made with jelly rolls!  Great job!

Such fun fabric!!

I’ll be back in a flash with more to share!  Have a great day!


P.S  Don’t forget to get your Arnolds Attic Jelly Roll today for only $15.95!!

Prayer Flag Jelly Roll Project – Quick and Easy

Welcome to the “Let the good times [JELLY] Roll!” – our three day Jelly Roll extravaganza!  Starting today through Friday we have awesome deals on Jelly Rolls!  Each one will be OVER 50% off!

We have a few cool ideas to go along with our deals for you over the next few days!!  We hope you like them!

First up, I have been excited about playing with my Prayer Flag Jelly Roll from Moda Fabrics. I have tried a few different combinations, but my favorite came in using this super easy tube quilting technique. To do this, all I needed was the following:

1 Prayer Flag Jelly Roll

1 Natural Jelly Roll

Border fabric

We can handle this right?!!  I just sewed everything into tubes and went to it with the rotary cutter.

It went together in an afternoon, it was so quick, so easy, and came out great (I think! 🙂 ) I haven’t had time to quilt it yet, but I wanted to share it with you.  What do you think?

Also, today only, we have the Prayer Flag Jelly Roll on the Quilter’s Daily Deal for $16.95 That is an amazing price, so grab one!!

WE have a winner!

Yummy, yummy jelly rolls….

Wow, hard to believe that Jelly Roll week is coming to a close!  Darn, but like Moda Lissa said, every week is a jelly roll week!  🙂  Let’s be honest….we are all addicted to those sweet rolls of 2-1/2 inch bliss.

Anyway, thanks for hanging out with us, and commenting away.   The winner of the Jelly Roll is Mel.  Congratulations Mel, let me know which one you want.  ( I know this will be a tough decision!) 🙂

We have tons more ideas swirling around in our heads and look forward to sharing them with all of you!

Have a great day!


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Easy Peasy Bag….

If you are anything like us, we assume y’all get a “hanker-ing” to make a purse or tote bag.  🙂  Jelly rolls make it easy, that’s why we LOVE them!

We hope you are enjoying all of the possiblities you have when you use these great Jelly Rolls.

*jelly roll used for the purse shown was a Zippity Doo Dah, by Sandy Gervais

Strips and more…the fence rail kind

The fence rail, in my opinion is a fabulous go-to block.  It is quick and virtually pain free.  The best part for me about using a Jelly roll for this quilt (and pattern) is the variety you get.  I am all about the ‘scrappier’ look, and LOVE that it all coordinates!  It really  does make my life so much easier.  🙂

Another variation on the fence rail, would be to use less strips (or more) than we did.  You could also have the same fabric strip as the center and it would make a zig- zag design throughout the whole quilt.  (super cool….But, you may already know all of that!)  🙂

So, have you opened up a delicious jelly roll yet!?!?  Any projects under way?  I am dying to know….

*fabric used in our quilt was  one Fig and Plum Jelly Roll, by Fig Tree & Co. (moda) and coordinating fabric for the border.