Hideaway…our theme for last week!

Wow!  We had quite the snow storm this last week!  I know, I know you’ve all heard about it already, but really.  I have never seen that much snow from one storm all at once before!  I also have to say that I LOVED that it snowed ALL day on Tuesday!  I hate (ok, not really hate) waking up to giant amounts of snow.   I just really like being able to see it fall, and enjoy it’s beauty.

The kids have basically had another vacation.  I’m not sure if we’ve had a full week of school since Christmas!  (obviously my brain is mush, and my weeks are running together, lol)  So, this week was full of sledding, movie watching and playing with toys.    My kids have another day off Friday (teacher work day) this week, and I think they are getting a bit spoiled by it all.

I got to play with some fabric, and that has been fun.  I used a Hideaway Layer cake, and am almost done with the top.  I really just have to pick a border and then have it quilted!!  I’ll post about the whole thing later this week, with some directions!  I know you all  love a good tutorial!  🙂

Do you see that cute yellow flower?!!?  That is a new camera bag I got!!  Oh my cuteness!  I love it!  The best part of it is that it fits BOTH my cameras!  That bag is a monster!  (a really, cute and happy monster!)

Anyway, I am crossing my fingers for a more productive week…full of meetings and deadlines (and meeting the deadlines)  hahahah.

I did get to order a whole bunch of new fabric on Friday night! Oh my goodness!  You are gonna love the new Christmas stuff Moda has coming out!  I can hardly wait to show you!

Have a wonderful-happy Monday!


P.S.  Thanks so much for all the LOVE on our Moda Bakeshop debut!  It really was a pleasure to be a part of.