We’ve got something new…..shhh…. Westminster Fabrics does Precuts!

My ~oh~ my,  am I excited about them!!  Seriously….we have some AWESOME things in the works using these gorgeous fabrics!

I am 100% certain you are gonna love it as much as I do.  (and that’s a LOT)  🙂

Oh and guess what?  We got some Nicey Jane (yup, Heather Bailey) fabric  in yesterday!!  We are working on getting them up online for you all to enjoy!  *squeal*   I may have teared up, when I opened the boxes….Seriously.  I love it!  We don’t have the precuts YET…..but we will!  (i am pretty sure we bought everything they had)  🙂

Just more to look forward to.  Lot’s more!  🙂

Happy Friday! DO something FUN!  (like, shop! or sew!)

Anna Maria Horner and Heather Bailey…*be still my heart*

Man, us girls had a blast at Market…..Just imagine a ton of people together sharing a common love for something.  Ahh, wouldn’t the world be a better place if we all quilted? (and loved fabric??)  Teeheeheh, I know not that funny….but really.  It was pretty cool to get to be with so many in the industry, hoping beyond hope that some of their creativity would rub off on you!  (that was me anyway.)


We had so much fun talking with the designers and hearing about all the things that inspire them…..the new fabric.  Oh, the new fabric.  It was Heaven I tell you.  Heather Bailey, literally made my heart skip a beat.  Her booth was amazing.  Her fabric line was AMAZING….shoot, she is just one creative power house! I had to buy her line.  It is called Nicey Jane.  (named after her husbands Great Aunt (?) I think) She has a few new patterns coming out as well!  (So cute)  And we are making a big order of her felt.  The colors are delicious!  Not sure if you know this, but Westminster is going to be selling their stuff in the pre-cuts.  SO exciting!  Don’t worry…  I stocked up on it, so you will be sure to get what you need!

Oh, and Anna Maria Horner…..can I just say WOW.  She is gorgeous.  I mean, beyond beautiful….her baby is a sweetie too! 🙂  Her fabric this time was beautiful Voile’s and Dobby Dots.  More for dresses and things, but it is gorgeous.  If you are a seamstress it will be divine to work with!  It is so soft and light….It would also make a gorgeous lighter quilt.  Really, you just have to touch this stuff.


I have so much more to tell you about.  I have pictures and videos (like a million)  and I can’t wait to show you everything!

We’re all about projects!

And because fabric can be used for lot’s of things besides quilting (although nothing BETTER) I thought I’d share my most recent project. I give you the Tale of the Kitchen Chairs.

BEFORE: Sad, I know. Poor old chairs with lots of hope for the future. It wasn’t your choice to be upholstered in the ugliest gold fabric known to man. You just had to take it. “But look at me! I’ve got character… I deserve more!” you cry. And luckily those cries were heard.100_2777

AFTER: This is you now, in all the glory you so rightfully deserve!


Let’s be honest. With a little Heather Bailey fabric and A LOT of red spray paint, any old thing can look new! See… I did my WHOLE TABLE!


* I covered the fabric in clear vinyl to keep it looking pretty and easy to clean. This whole project including spray paint from the whole dang thing came in at less than $50. Now, if your chairs are prettier to begin with, imagine what a new cushion could do! Check out our Fabric by the Yard and go make something better!


Cute and easy pin cushion

Hey Bloggers

I was searching the net for cute projects and I found these darling pin cushions. They are so cute. I have always used a magnetic pin holder but now I prefer the big cushion and I guess I will have to tell you why. When we started the shop, my hands were suddenly in the spot light and… I am a nail biter (true confessions), so my daughter had me get my nails done. Well now I can’t pick up a pin unless it is sticking out of something!

SO I love the big pin cushion.

Here is the link for the pincushions on Heather Baily’s site

The pattern is easy and makes a really nice gift.

Enjoy the Journey