MSQC on going GREEN

In case you didn’t know, this Wednesday (April 22) is Earth Day! So in honor of that, this week all of us here at Missouri Star are going to be sharing little ways to make your life a little greener.

I’m one who is easily overwhelmed, so for me, the little things I can do go a LONG way. Here are a few things I do to get my green on…

1. Repurpose, Repurpose, Repurpose. I’m a big believer in making something old new again. Step outside of the box and before you throw something away think about what it could become! My best personal example is definitely my table & chairs… In case you missed it when I shared this project before, check it out here.

2. Buy in Bulk. I know what you’re thinking… I’m not talking everything here, but the stuff you know you’re going to consistently be using, buy it in larger quantities at one time.  Think shampoo. You’re always going to need it (hopefully!), you might as well buy the biggest bottle you can. If you don’t like having a giant bottle in the shower with you, keep the little bottles you used before and refill them.

3. Turn off the lights. During the day I open all my drapes and blinds to allow natural light to fill my house, not only does it use less energy, it lowers your bills.

4. Make a MENU. I have found that not only does it help me know what I need when grocery shopping, it also lowers the amount of leftovers and general waste. (We’re not big leftover eaters at our house, so cutting back on that is good for us! I guess another version of this could be… EAT YOUR LEFTOVERS! hehe)

What do you do to live a greener life? I’d love to find out!