A notebook cover…

yes, its from the same honey bun! Fresh, by Deb Strain.  We  seem to have a bit of a notebook buying problem around here! I think it leads back to my dad who always has (and still does) shopped the back to school sales! Stocking up on notebooks! We write a lot, take lots of notes, make lists of everything. and its spreading…we recently found a notebook full of lists made by Hillary’s daughter Ally…things like  “the ten things I love…” followed closely by “the ten things I hate…”(and many more lists)!  🙂 We LOVED reading through her lists! My boys draw pictures all the time (I have notebooks filled with drawings) and my daughter Hannah sits and writes…she is constantly asking me to spell words for her. Her most recent thing has been listing all of her relatives by name and listing them in families. Then she orders them by age! Its so funny but, hey she’s keeping busy right?! (a tiny bit of OCD? I don’t know where she gets that? 😳 )

So, on to the project!

We are making an adorable cover for your standard 70 sheet notebook.p3230017The first thing you will do is select eleven strips from your honey bun. Cut them down to 18″ in length. Then lay them out and start sewing them together.  you will then have a piece of fabric that looks something like this:p3230023Next, you will add your fusible fleece liner to make this baby a bit more sturdy: p4020068I would cut it smaller than your seam allowances from top to bottom, and the same size from end to end.  (mine is 9″ x 18″)Because you don’t want those seams to be too bulky when you flip it around and I didn’t want mine to show at the top and bottom of the notebook. (You will catch it in your side seams.)Iron it to the wrong side of the fabric.

Next, you’ll cut two pieces of a coordinating fabric. 8 1/2″ x 11″p3230021Fold and iron one edge of each piece and sew under.

If you would like to add a pocket to the inside flap…now would be the best time!  Just cut a piece of fabric (mine is 3 1/2″ x 10″) fold it in half to make it 31/2″ x 5″. sew it right sides together. leave a space to flip it. Turn it right side out…poke out your corners, and sew in place! Instant pocket!


Next, you will pin all your layers, right sides together: I also wanted to add a little piece of grosgrain ribbon for a bookmark! Pin it all!!!


Now sew all your layers together, flip it right side out and push out those corners!  As one final step, you will sew a little seam in between your flaps at the top and bottom of your notebook cover as shown:p3230032And…your finally done! Here is a photo of the finished product! p3230036

aaww so cute!
aaww so cute!

Alright, coming soon…this is it! I think I have finally exhausted this honey bun! and now….a sneak peek:p4020069Yup, that’s all you get! I wont say when it will be finished or what it is! Let’s just say I love it…and I think you will too! Just wait and see!

Have a lovely day!


Up Next… (another “honey” of a project!)

…a tissue holder for your purse! These are so cute and much easier to make than you think!

What you’ll need:

1) six strips of fabric from your favorite honey bun

2)a coordinating piece of fabric for the lining that measures 9″ x 6″

First choose six of your favorite strips from your favorite honey bun. I am still using Fresh by Deb Strain. (Just so you know,  I will be making all of my projects out of ONE honey bun!)

Line them up until you like the order, then cut them down to 8″.

p3170057Next, sew your strips together. Press your seams to one side. Your six strips should now make a block that measures 7 1/4″ x 6″.

Then measure and cut your lining fabric to 9″ x 6″p3170046

Now you will line up your outer(strips)fabric with your liner fabric RIGHT sides together and sew a 1/4″ seam on each of the 6″ sides. It will look a little funny as the lining is larger than your outer fabric. Don’t worry you are doing just fine. p3170047Okay, now flip your fabric right side out and press making sure to center the outer fabric…It will look like this:p3170053

See how the lining makes a cool little accent? (love tricks like this)

okay with your lining as the outside turn the sides toward the middle. (Mine measures approx. 1 3/4″  on each side of the center line.) PIN! This one can be slippery!p3170054

Stitch the side seams closed. You may want to serge them or zig zag to prevent fraying.

Then you pop it right side out, pushing out those corners, and you are DONE!!! p3170058Is that not the cutest tissue holder that you’ve ever seen?

Yes indeed, it is that simple…Easily done in under an hour! This one would make a great gift for just about anyone on your list, as most of us will eventually need a Kleenex!  Fill er up and toss it into your purse! Your ready for whatever comes your way!p3170063(please excuse the horrific lighting…I just wanted to show it filled with lovely Kleenex!) Oh, and check back in a few days to see what I’ve come up with next!

Have a lovely day!

Sugar Pie Honey Bun(ch)!!!

Finished Product

“…You know that I LOVE You! I Can’t Help Myself, I love you and nobody else!…”

Oh yeah! Honey Buns are great! They are the little sister to the Jelly Roll…a sweet little package of one and a half inch strips.  All from one line. All coordinated! Endless possibilities!

Today I have two fun projects for you…first the canister. You all know how much I LOVE to recycle so here is another Green project! Here is what you’ll need:


a can…any size will do. I am using a #10 can for a canister, but I think smaller cans would be adorable too. Perfect project for kids and great gifts for teachers!

  1. Mod Podge
  2. foam brush
  3. scissors, and pliers
  4. and of course, your favorite honey bun! We are using Fresh by Deb Strain
Be Careful!

First, make sure that your can is clean. Next, I took a pair of pliers and just squeezed around the lip of the can to make sure there are no sharp edges left.

Unwrap a smile
Time to get dirty
Starting out
Start Wrapping
Oh Podge

Then comes the fun part…open up that jelly roll! I know its so hard to unwrap such a pretty package…but, you can do it! Choose six or seven of your favorites and line them up in an order that you LOVE! Then just start slathering on the mod podge…I started at the top of my can and folded the fabric over the edge to make a nice finished look.Take the strip of fabric and cut it where it overlaps itself. Take your time and try to line up your seam. Be sure to seal it with lots more mod podge.

Then you will want to continue coating your can with mod podge and lining up your strips until you reach the bottom of your can. I lined my final strip up with the bottom edge of the can and then added a final coating of mod podge to the entire thing.

This will make a nice sealed finish. If you want a smooth feel or a shiny look, just spray the can with a craft varnish. It will dry clear and looks beautiful!

Looking good

And there you have it! a lovely canister! Use these for storing spoons, scraps, buttons, toys, pencils, they would make gorgeous planters for the front porch, or a lovely herb garden…like I said before…Endless Possibilities! So very GREEN!

Isn’t it just the cutest little thing…oh, and do you see the little kleenex holder in the picture…That little honey of a project is coming right up!  So, check back soon, your next tutorial is on its way! and believe me, with one honey bun…you can make a BUNCH of projects!!! Love it!