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Hello we are Elizabeth Evans and Elizabeth Evans… two girls who married brothers and ended up with the exact same name! We also are the same age, have the same number of children and, are both former school teachers. Together we blog over at Simple Simon and Company where we love to write about sewing, quilting, and the art of homemaking.


Today it’s me (liZ…short name, short hair) that gets the chance to share some thoughts about quilting with you. And the quilt I’m talking about is one that is a current work in progress that I started after being inspired by Jenny’s Alter Ego Quilt Tutorial.

There are two things that I really love about this quilt top tutorial:

#1. How the finished product looks complicated and time consuming when in actuality it is simple enough to be completed by even a novice quilter! (Over at Simple Simon and Company we love simple, beautiful projects….so this tutorial was right up my alley!)

#2. How versatile this tutorial really is. Just by changing up fabric styles and combinations you could make this top countless times and have an entirely different looking quilt each and every time. (And because most of us who quilt are making quilts for others rather than ourselves I can see this fast becoming a go-to quilt top to make for gifts.)

Alter Ego Full Quilt

So let’s get down to brass tacks…the making of this quilt top.

For this quilt I used 16 fat quarters from RJR’s “Everything But The Kitchen Sink” fat quarter bundle along with 2 yards of plain white fabric and a ½ yard of Riley Blake Design’s basic black and white Swiss Dot.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink by RJR

(I love this fabric. It has such a happy, vintage vibe and working with it is a pure delight. Yes, a pure delight…some fabric just is that fabulous.)
But before I made my first cut into this fantastic fabric I came up with a plan. Even when I am following a pattern or a tutorial I jot down notes or sketch out my plan in a notebook.

Alter Ego Plan

It’s not fancy but it helps me collect my thoughts and gives me a direction for what fabrics I would like to place where. And for this quilt I wanted to try something a little different.

The Alter Ego quilt top is made using alternating 4 Patch and Hourglass quilt blocks. Each of these blocks have 4 different areas or zones. And my idea was to start in the center of the quilt with solid patterns…no white…and slowly add white into the mix until the rows on each end were solid white.

So you can see in my plan where the middle two rows were constructed of solid patterns.

Then the next row on either side of the middle would have ¼ of each block be constructed out of white.

The rows after that would be constructed from blocks where ½ of the area would be made from white.

And finally the two rows on each end would be solid white.

That was my plan but when I got to here I stopped:

Alter Ego Full Quilt Chopped

I’m not sure I feel like only ½ of the blocks done in white gives the quilt enough white space to transition into an all white row.
Which is where you come in…what do you think?
Here is the original plan:

Alter Ego 4 square with 1 fourth

Solid, ¼ white, ½ white, all white.

But here is what I am thinking I should do instead:

Alter Ego 4 square collage with 2 fourths

Solid, ¼ white, ½ white, ¾ white, all white.

So that would mean adding two more rows (one on each end of the quilt before the all white row.)

I think this would make the flow better…and I have exactly enough little squares already cut to make it happen.

But here is what it would do to my quilt size:

If I stick with my original plan the quilt will finish at roughly 72” x 72” (which I like…because I LOVE square quilts). However, if I add the two extra rows it will become about 72” wide and 90” long…kind of a strange size.

Which leads me to my question (and the reason my quilt top construction has come to a halt): Do I go with the better design and weird size or better size and a design that is not as strong?

I am leaning toward the stronger design….what do you think?

Here’s where I am at…and can go either way:

Alter Ego Full Quilt

While you are thinking you can check out Jenny’s terrific tutorial for The Alter Ego quilt and then you can pop on over to Simple Simon and Company and read about a quilt making tip that saved my marriage when making this quilt top!


(And when I decide which way to go I will be sure and share photos the finished quilt with you!)

Alter Ego Quilt Step by Step Tutorial

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New Friday Tutorial: The Flying Home Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

Make the Flying Home Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!There truly is no place like home. At the end of a long, busy day, I love to crawl under the covers and snuggle up in the familiar coziness of my very own bed.  

Make the Flying Home Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

No matter how hectic it is outside, I always feel peaceful in my home. It’s not fancy, but it’s mine. Today’s new quilt, Flying Home, brings to mind the simple beauty of my very favorite safe haven: home.

Make the Flying Home Quilt with Jenny Doan of Missouri Star Quilt Co!

Click on the button below to watch the tutorial and get everything you need to make your own Flying Home Quilt!

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Well, it’s that time of year! It’s officially September and we’re all looking for an excuse to have a party with apple cider and pumpkin bread. Okay, well I am!

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But that’s not all! For September, we wanted to do something a little different! Did you know that in September we celebrate MSQC’s Annual Birthday Bash? This year our company is turning 8 years old, so what are we going to do? We’re going to party and we want you to not only be a part of it, but provide you with the things you need to have your own Quilty Party! Click on the links below to download all of these fun Free Quilt Party Printables!

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New Friday Tutorial: The Butterfly Blossom Quilt

MSQC New Tutorial on the Blog!

Make a Butterfly Blossom Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

There’s something so fantastic about the lifecycle of a butterfly. He starts his journey as an inconsequential little caterpillar with a huge appetite. After weeks of glorious gluttony, he takes one massive, cozy nap. And then? He wakes up magnificently elegant and graceful! Why doesn’t that work for me? Just once in my life I’d love to binge all day on a quart of rocky road, take an epic nap on the sofa, and wake up as glorious as a butterfly!

For now, I’ll settle for the super-easy Butterfly Blossom Quilt. This quilt is incredibly beautiful, and it’s a breeze to make!

Make a Butterfly Blossom Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

This sweet pattern is made with 2 charm packs and the MSQC Periwinkle Template. Isn’t it so cute?

Make a Butterfly Blossom Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

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Make a Butterfly Blossom Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

Make a Butterfly Blossom Quilt with Jenny Doan of MSQC!

Motivational Monday: Happiness is a Full Bobbin

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