Awesome (and Free) Falls Quilt Pattern

So our forum member (and local hero) farmgirl2 came up with this great way to use a Kona Solids Jelly Roll.  Take a look at this …

Kona Solids Quilt

Seriously, with one Jelly Roll and one Charm Pack from Robert Kaufman you can pull this off!  (You don’t have much left, so cut carefully).  But play around with it, see what you can do to make it better, and let us know what you think!!

This came out soooo nice, I am so excited about it!  Happy Quilting!

Quilting Dudes

When most people think of quilting, they think of little old ladies holed up inside spending hours at a sewing machine. Forgive them, they just don’t know. Today’s quilters are young and old, and interestingly enough MALE and female.

Here at the shop, we’ve had the opportunity to see just how much men love their quilts. They come in to support their wives, they look at fabric, and they admire the Gammill. “That’s quite a machine,” they say. But most importantly, they bring in quilts of their own.

From a simple ode to their favorite movie where the machine quilting makes the magic:To a full blown quilt in honor of their favorite sports team:    {thank you Natalie for the amazing quilting}
Men LOVE quilting and that’s a great thing. That’s just what these Arizona guys are trying to prove.
These 3 have opened a shop in AZ appropriately called 3 Dudes Quilting. Read their story here and be sure to check out their site! They even offer some awesome free patterns you can download.