Turnovers…another idea

SO over the weekend I received an email from a member of our forums.  She had used a turnover she bought from us while ago and had this  idea.  I thought it was just darling, so I thought I would show you all  what she came up with.  (in her words)….

“Here in Canada we celebrate Thanksgiving in October, so as soon as it’s over, everyone starts planning for Christmas. The stores start selling Christmas trees, lights, ornaments, and wrapping paper – you know, anything to get us to start spending money. Well I LOVE Christmas and decided that this year, I was going to make a Christmas wall hanging. My goal was to have it done by November 1st so I could put it up the same day the tree went up.

Now, let me backtrack about a month. My husband was going on a business trip to… you guessed it… Missouri! When I found out he was going to be staying not too far from MSQC I jumped online and made a wish list of all stuff I wanted. I asked him to get me a Figgy Pudding charm pack, but somehow he got confused and came back with a Figgy Pudding turnover (he at least got the fabric line right!) That night as I was lying in bed I thought “what the heck am I going to do with TRIANGLES?” As I sat there thinking, ideas started to flood my head, until I came up with a pattern. I’ve never really made a quilt before; I’ve mostly made decorative pillows and Halloween costumes, so I decided that I better try something simple. I auditioned all my triangles until I found the perfect layout and started sewing! I borrowed a cutting mat and rotary cutter from my friend so that I didn’t have to use my pizza cutter (yes, it’s true, I almost did it!) I sewed and sewed and sewed and taa daa…”

picturesfiggypudding Ok, WOW!  Don’t you just love it?  I was so excited to get this in my email, that I knew you had to see it.  Thanks for the ideas and sweet emails we have gotten.  We have the best customers and friends out there, and we appreciate you all.

We hope you enjoyed this idea.  And let us know if you ‘ve decided to make anything with one of our ideas.  We’d love to see pictures!  (but, you already knew that!)  🙂

A little show and tell…

Our Friday night ladies LOVE to show off what they are making!  We have been extremely impressed with them!  Here are a few projects that they have been working on.

A great stash buster. And I love the florals. Wow!

This is a floral log cabin, that is set to make a swirl pattern.  We all loved how she took a basic block and was able to modernize it.  Think of all the possibilities!

We love that she chose the Figgy Pudding line…perfect for a gift!

Check this awesome charm pack quilt out.  You may  have seen this in our tutorials already but….the idea is this:  take 5 charm packs, DON’T even cut them, sew them together.  I sewed mine in four patches, then assemble the top!  (told ya, easy peasy!)  Then cut your borders , 2-1/2 inches for the inner border and 5 inches for the outer border.  You will need 3/4 yard for your inner border and a yard and a half for your second border.  SO basically you are looking at total cost being,  $65.00 for your ENTIRE quilt!  Is that NOT exciting!??!  That my friends is WHY we love precuts!  🙂  Your finished quilt measures 62X81  approx.  It will really depend on how many charm squares are in your particular pack.  But it goes together in a jiffy, and leaves you excited to start a new project!  (and I love that figgy pudding line!)

She calls this the “getting her medication right” quilt!

Last, but certainly NOT least this amazing quilt is done by one of our ‘hand piece’ girls!  I kid you NOT….every seam, circle, curve…you name it, it is hand stitched.  (we have three of these ladies that will KNOCK your socks off, with there amazing work.  Their amazing stitches look better than if a machine had done the work.)  I am so impressed with them.

This quilt is on it’s way to Idaho to meet Kaffe Fassett himself.  Yes, yes this lucky lady has a fiance that got her one of the last seats to a workshop that Kaffe is doing in Idaho.  Seriously, the LUCKIEST girl ever!  I can’t wait to hear how it goes….

So, that is a little sneak peak into our amazing quilter’s we have out here…..

What have you been up to?  Any projects that have you busy?  Started in on Christmas gifts yet?   I’d love to know what you are doing….